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OpenBroadcaster Television and Radio Automation

On air studio play out automation software suite and equipment for audio\video streaming and community media are reliable and economical. Internet radio and IPTV broadcast network specialty channels using open source multimedia frameworks provide your listeners with dynamic community programming without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank. Web and internet television stations are easy to setup with our digital radio and video streaming media servers. Indigenous, First Nations, Metis and Inuit organizations with archived indigenous language preservation content can utilize online media libraries to create internet television and radio station programming in regional languages. We know and care about broadcasting, video media servers and video scheduling, because we’re in the business of owning and operating network stations with broadcast automation software and emergency alerting systems ourselves. Cloud radio automation computing using accessible online tools lets you decide how and where your organization's material is shared with a permissions grid for contributors.

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Professional On Air Software and Hardware Solutions

Community Media

Radio and Television Playout Automation

Our innovative Community Media "Channel in a Box" media asset manager's video scheduling play out provides a reliable and cost effective way of reducing your overhead and trimming operating costs. Virtual on air studios control your multi station operation, and keep it running smoothly with Radio Automation Software. Manage volunteers on your internet radio station with our AutoDJ, saving you precious time while reducing stress on your human resources. Streamline your operations with dynamic live shows that are accessed by your audience from Shoutcast and Icecast servers hosted in the cloud. Let the machines do the work, so you can focus on the important things like growing your audience by diversifying content, adding new programming, and attracting volunteer on air personalities. Multiple media formats and hardware devices are supported for play back and streaming automation. Check out our FAQ section for more details.

Products and Services for Broadcasters

Emergency Alerting

Emergency Alert Systems

We supply reliable EAS solutions for the broadcast sector, globally. Our open source emergency alert population broadcast warning systems work anywhere using standardized EAS Protocols through the internet. All are designed for emergency alert systems within a variety of multi station channel environments including on air radio, ATSC 3.0 Digital TV and LED alerts for community disasters and school closings. Quick deploy suitcase "radio in a box" systems provide unattended alerting messages that automatically break into radio, CATV cable television or digital TV transmitters to create emergency broadcast stations on the fly using easy "plug and play" integration for EAS streaming on demand with BARIX equipment and AoIP digital audio consoles.

Alerting Products and Services

Emergency Tornado
Emergency Wild Fire Fighters
Emergency  Flood
Emergency Hurricane

Embedded  Media Player with Emergency Alerting

Barix Mechanical Relay Crown FM Transmitters Hardware Products

LPFM Radio and Televison Alerting Equipment


Live Audio Visual Remote Broadcasting

Use Live Assist to accept incoming RTP streams on the air, without having an operator in the control room. Store media on your own computers and create a scheduled live high definition stream of community media play lists through a simple to use online scheduler utilizing your own cloud radio automation and enterprise storage. Distribute media with YouTube streaming automation, video scheduling and HD playout, while we do the scheduling and media asset management that social media and YouTube cannot support at this time (and we should know, having been around since the days of Google radio software). Get started with a managed online scheduler for your own branded streaming broadcast station.


OB YouTube LIVE Encoder


Open Source Internet Radio Automation Software

Free audio and Multimedia Software are available for the DIY educational crowd with in-house Linux technical skills. Self-host your own AutoDJ manager for a LPFM community radio station or an online IPTV streaming media server with video scheduling, both virtually and from mobile on air studio facilities. Feel free to experiment and develop custom multi-channel radio and CATV broadcast automation software solutions for your Digital Distribution Operation and help support the open source community. Hobbyist, experimental, campus and community broadcasters all use our documented tools and training materials to easily create cloud radio automation. We support transmitters and websites using recycled equipment including current digital AoIP (audio over IP) Ravenna mixing boards. Whatever floats your boat, you deserve freedom with open source options!

Open Source Technology

Download Linux Broadcast Automation Source Code


Open Broadcaster Software Case Studies

CJUC Community Radio Whitehorse
Kitikmeot Inuit Association Radio Station
New North Networks Inuvik
CKNN Nuxalk Radio Bella Coola
CHVI Spirit FM Campell River
Operation Nanook


Complete Hosted Automation Streaming Packages

Internet, cloud, online and LPFM stations can all employ professional Broadcast Automation. Keep operations up and running with AutoDJ audio manager rotations scheduling software. Grow your broadcast network with volunteers using media asset management for multi station markets. We supply a turnkey radio and video scheduling platform and streaming media server with emergency alerts for your broadcasting and digital signage display projects, develop estimates for the construction of new LPFM station studios, and provide Added Feature Modules displaying current media "Now Playing" info compatible with Icecast and Shoutcast streaming media servers. There are even LIVE Shows from Virtual Studios using cloud radio automation which can be sent to your stream, recalled later with our integrated logger, and automatically turned into podcasts for digital distribution. Use metadata manager tools to create custom fields including drop down selection, radio buttons and multiple choice. Easily manage internet television stations on PEG CATV video channels with user generated community slide shows playing out to ATSC 3.0 digital TV transmitters. Knowledgeable customer assistance and the best streaming automation services hosting platforms are available with Open Broadcaster software.




  • LPFM Online Radio Streaming Server

  • $59.95 Month

  • Radio Automation and Scheduling
  • Icecast Shoutcast Streaming Audio Server
  • 50 GB Online Storage
  • 50 Streaming Listeners
  • 50 Virtual AutoDJ Users
  • Broadcast Now!
  • Streaming Video Media Server

  • $99.95 Month

  • Video Scheduling and Automation
  • Icecast Shoutcast Streaming Media Server
  • 100 GB Storage (Expandable)
  • Unlimited Streaming Viewers
  • Unlimited Virtual AutoVJ Users
  • Broadcast Now!

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Indigenous Language Revitalization and Cultural Preservation Tools

Create an Indigenous language preservation archive. Easily search, navigate, display and organize rich multimedia content reliably while administering cultural assets as part of your language revitalization program. Capture and distribute a permanent audio visual record, preserving the spoken languages and historical information of a particular region. Our innovative automation systems support Indigenous Languages and international dialects using a translation framework compatible with UTF8\Unicode. These are especially effective where internet is very expensive, as it often is, in Northern Arctic Rural Satellite Communities, by sharing with the community using a license exempt LPFM school radio station that can also be streamed online. Indigenous governments use our media players' open source playout automation software systems to operate license exempt community radio stations and manage slide shows on digital signage in admin building lobbies to present heritage pictures and videos for community members and visitors alike. This is particularly important, as Indigenous governments traditionally have a rich supply of heritage material they want to share, but are reluctant to do so on the internet because it can get cut and pasted, and disappear. Regional networks of digital signage display panels can be used as communication tools in public places by providing text based messages displaying local content with our video scheduling platforms. For the cost of an Emergency Alerting System, Indigenous groups can include emergency alerts in their localized dialects and regions.

Learn how to operate an online web based Linux media library server for an Indigenous language preservation archive with a suitcase "radio in a box" as part of your language revitalization program, creating a legacy language repository that you control.

Language Preservation Tools

DIY Broadcast Projects

Add a classroom DIY broadcast project, building an inexpensive Ubuntu Linux micro broadcast community suitcase "radio station in a box" or a cool CATV specialty channel video slide show on a PEG channel. Provide onsite student training with Interactive "Hands On" Workshops for all ages and skills using video scheduling clock builder rotations playout automation software tools, audio loggers and on air live remotes that we designed ourselves! We will show your educational school radio DIY Broadcast Projects how to put together professional live shows on the air from events in your town. We work with community radio organizations and student unions, instructional, campus, commercial, faith based and public radio and television broadcasting groups in providing streaming media server and broadcasting technology training for all  levels of students. You'll learn how to save hours every week with powerful podcast software, creating dynamic user generated programming and increasing local participation in community broadcasting. We share our course outlines with the community, offering Free Online Training programs, tutorials and webinars for students and teachers.

Training and Education

Professional Design and Consulting Services

We provide support and advisory assistance for all aspects of setting up and running your LPFM radio, CATV and IPTV internet television station with professional on air studio design services. We work with broadcasting regulators (CRTC/FCC/ISED), and have many years of combined "hands on" experience obtaining broadcasting licenses and working through the licensing process. We can help identify the best available technologies, scheduling platforms, transmitters and other services for any budget. We supply customized internet radio automation software integration to increase revenue with user generated programming. Start you own Internet Radio LPFM IPTV Station with on-site Installation and the best streaming services platform.

We work with local broadcast engineers and community radio organizations to develop your broadcast network projects. We can help with creative fundraising and other alternative revenue generating schemes. Let us assist you in exploring and obtaining funding for a community radio station broadcast system or digital CATV cable television station plant upgrade.

Professional Services

Enterprise Solutions

Manage your data center and host media spanning multiple continents with a Linux Enterprise Server Cluster to load balance content distribution and streaming traffic, globally. Our media asset management makes running your operation and playout simple. We design solutions for our own operations and for like-minded professionals facing similar challenges with small and multi channel enterprise server cluster deployments.

See what we can do for your radio and internet television station with professional Enterprise cloud radio automation server cluster, digital distribution studio automation, EAS emergency alert systems, streaming media server and playout.

Enterprise Services


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