OB Summer of Code

OB Summer of Code

Summer at OpenBroadcaster

How is everyone making out this summer? Not too buggy or smoky?

We have some exciting news to announce about our new ecommerce site to create on demand streaming mount points and services. There is also work being done to include some educational video.

Stay Tuned for launch details early this fall.

Paint Mountain

Hiked up this mountain to swap out a piece of gear at the CJHJ radio site 2 weeks ago. There is a mostly vertical trail located along the old tram line.


Upcoming Software Releases

PEX – Program Exchange Module

The Program Exchange (PEX) Module allows groups of OpenBroadcaster media files to be managed as collections, such as an album as a collection of tracks, or a radio program as a series of weekly episodes. PEX “Programs” are collections of OB media files (episodes) that share production details (metadata) and cover art (placards). PEX is the OpenBroadcaster module for creating “Programs” and associating media files (episodes and placards) from the OB Catalogue. This module may be added to any existing OpenBroadcaster Server installation (Ver 4+).

PEX includes a separate Gallery module for interactive filtering(search/browse) of media by program/album, or by most recent episode in a series. The Gallery module facilitates redistribution of multiple episodes of a program in a single download package and dynamic scheduling of the most recent episode in a series. Distinct user permissions are defined for administrative access to the Program Manager, or view only access thru the Gallery.

The OB API is enhanced to provide hooks into OB PEX data for use in development of Drupal modules or similar web front ends. OB Players may be defined to distribute PEX media in themed content streams.

OB PEX Enhancements currently in development:
* Aggregate media as program/episode (~ album/track)
* Additional metadata fields (recording date, recording location, topicality, credits, track list)
* PAL (Parental Advisory Label) for media content
* CanCon for track list selection
* Media download link (image/alt text) via API
* List of recent uploads via API
* Download counts (by program/series/episode) via API

USB XLR Cable Legacy


This cable is used to provide audio pass through functionality for our Alert Player box.

We have learned more about the hardware DAC (its used in other pro audio) and finalizing software support for JACK audio for better fidelity with our products and to reduce latency.

Accessible Themes and Translations

Our latest server code is built for WCAG 2.0  accessibility and available in over 30 different languages

French Play List Translation using Tanzenite Theme

Chinese Translation using High Contrast Theme

CFET Radio 106.7 FM Tagish Yukon

Radio website running Nuxalk Theme with Drupal modules linking and automatically updating schedule information from API.


In the media

RadioRob at Whats Up Yukon


Arctic Regional Radio Network using OpenBroadcaster


CJUC Radio – Recycle the Vinyl

Media Preservation Project

CJUC 92.5 FM “The Juice” is updating its digital media library and interested in recycling any vinyl media that you may have hanging around the house. We would love to get more vintage circumpolar music on CJUC airwaves as part of our Yukon Spotlight shows that play throughout the day. We are especially keen for northern music lying around gathering dust.


Upcoming Events

Central Canada Broadcast Engineers

Saturday September 26, 2015

9:00 am to 9:30 am

Open Source Alerting with CAP – Rob Hopkins


Upcoming Training Webinars

Find us on Google+ or send us an email to be invited to join our Free webinars for the operation of OpenBroadcaster server and Alert Player.