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OBPlayer   With CAP Emergency Alert Player

OBServer Online Media library and scheduler

OpenBroadcaster Project – Modules, Utilities and Extensions

Rescue IMG Downloads

  • Alert Player
  • Video Playout
  • OpenBox
  • Raspberry Pi Pyrate


Use a high quality 8 GB min USB Drive. Create IMG with Etcher, Rufus, Gnome Disks or other widely available USB Startup Disk creation utilities. See updated Release notes and instructions for each IMG.

System rescue images provided for new and existing customers. Contact us for access or additional support services.

*** Warning *** The rescue image recovery procedure will completely wipe both your USB and SD card and the hardware you are restoring.


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Size and MD5 Checksum

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Pyrate 3 – Radio   Complimentary

Production 1.3 GB (1,350,143,793 bytes) c6cbabf971556b3bbbeb6d44589dca57
Release Notes and Instructions Pi 2 – Pi 3    
Pyrate 4 – Radio and TV Pi 4 Change Log Beta Testers Wanted
Release Notes and Instructions      

OB 5.1 Alert Player IMG  NEW

Production 2.9 GB (2,916,384,768 bytes) 89d326fa1800876227945aad15f66df5
Release notes and instructions Current ML350 hardware sold after 2018
OB 5.0 Alert Player IMG  Production

2.9 GB (1,962,934,272 bytes)

Release notes and instructions Current ML350 hardware sold after 2018

OB 5.0 OpenBox IMG

Production 2.7 GB (2,768,240,640 bytes) 9c46b144c4fb93e064f34ea66fc6d240
Release notes and instructions Current ML350 hardware sold after 2018

OB 5.0 Alert Player IMG 

Production 2.0 GB (2,086,912,000 bytes) aea987ea79ea789f94fd253da48c6727
Release notes and instructions Legacy ML210 OBPlayer purchased before 2018



















Settings Files

Sample configuration files can be exported and saved to transfer settings to freshly imaged box. Supports Ver 5X series.

>Admin>Export profile settings file and verify contents by reading this plain txt file. This can be used for manually documenting. >Admin>Import settings file for the role of your player. Restart OBPlayer

Existing users accounts *should* remain and be transferred but password(s) will be reset to the default. Always have backup of your settings file so you can look at this plain text config file.

Role of Player
MD5 Checksum
USB Audio Adaptor
3.3 kb
Mechanical Relay
RS232 GPIO Relay 3.3 kb e5459ae84ab127e947daa069d6d547db
BARIX Exstreamer 3.3 kb 641eae4a1c5d36442b19d99fe95438c7
CAP Video on Demand
RS232 GPIO Relay
AoIP (Audio over IP)
3.3 kb 7a6301f016684ad5b854626fe7624f81
3.3 kb
YouTube LIVE Channel and Icecast
3.3 kb






Manuals and User Guides

OBServer and OBPlayer User Manual

Support Resources

Support Pages

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