Indigenous Languages Preservation

At, we are dedicated to empowering indigenous communities to preserve and revitalize their languages and cultures through innovative digital tools and solutions. Our language and cultural preservation tools are designed to address the unique challenges faced by indigenous peoples in preserving their heritage in today’s digital age. From Indigenous Digital Repatriation to Cultural Heritage Preservation, our comprehensive suite of tools is tailored to meet the diverse needs of indigenous communities worldwide.

Indigenous Digital Repatriation: We understand the importance of reclaiming and repatriating digital artifacts and cultural materials to indigenous communities. Our platform facilitates the seamless transfer of digital content, including audio recordings, digital video, and interactive multimedia, back to indigenous peoples, ensuring that their cultural heritage remains accessible and protected for future generations.

Cultural Heritage Preservation: Preserving cultural heritage is at the core of what we do. Our tools enable indigenous communities to archive and manage a wide range of cultural materials, from traditional stories and songs to historical documents and artifacts. By digitizing and preserving these invaluable resources, we help safeguard indigenous cultures from the threat of extinction and ensure that their rich traditions continue to thrive.

Community-Centered Archiving: We believe in the power of community-driven archiving. Our platform provides indigenous communities with the tools they need to actively participate in the preservation and management of their cultural heritage. Through collaborative digital preservation efforts, communities can take ownership of their narratives and ensure that their voices are heard and respected.

Indigenous Knowledge Management: Our tools are designed to support the preservation and transmission of indigenous knowledge across generations. From traditional ecological knowledge to medicinal practices and language systems, our platform provides a secure and accessible repository for storing and sharing indigenous knowledge, ensuring that it remains intact and accessible for future generations.

Digital Cultural Sovereignty: We recognize the importance of digital cultural sovereignty for indigenous communities. Our platform empowers communities to reclaim control over their digital assets and data, ensuring that they are used in ways that align with their cultural values and priorities. By prioritizing indigenous perspectives and protocols, we help uphold the principles of self-determination and sovereignty in the digital realm.

Indigenous Media Management: Our media management tools enable indigenous communities to create, edit, and distribute digital content that reflects their unique cultural identities and perspectives. Whether producing language learning materials, storytelling videos, or community radio broadcasts, our platform provides the flexibility and functionality needed to amplify indigenous voices and stories on a global scale.

Community Empowerment through Technology: We believe in the transformative power of technology to empower indigenous communities and amplify their voices. Our user-friendly tools are designed to be accessible to people of all ages and technical abilities, allowing communities to harness the full potential of digital technology to preserve and revitalize their languages and cultures.

Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer: Our platform facilitates intergenerational knowledge transfer by providing tools and resources that enable elders to share their wisdom and expertise with younger generations. From oral history recordings to traditional crafts and skills, our platform ensures that indigenous knowledge is passed down from one generation to the next, strengthening cultural continuity and resilience.

Cultural Reclamation Technologies: We offer cutting-edge technologies that support the cultural reclamation efforts of indigenous communities. From augmented reality experiences to interactive language-learning apps, our platform leverages the latest innovations to engage and inspire learners of all ages, revitalizing indigenous languages and cultures in the digital age.

Traditional Knowledge Preservation: Preserving traditional knowledge is essential for maintaining the cultural integrity and resilience of indigenous communities. Our platform provides a secure and accessible repository for storing and sharing traditional knowledge, ensuring that it remains protected and accessible for future generations.

Culturally Sensitive Metadata: We understand the importance of culturally sensitive metadata in accurately representing indigenous cultural materials. Our platform allows communities to define their own metadata standards and protocols, ensuring that cultural materials are described and categorized in ways that reflect indigenous perspectives and priorities.

Accessible Archiving Solutions: We are committed to making our archiving solutions accessible to all members of the community, regardless of location or technical expertise. Our platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with built-in accessibility features that ensure everyone can participate in the preservation and management of their cultural heritage.

Collaborative Digital Preservation: Collaboration is key to effective digital preservation. Our platform facilitates collaboration among indigenous communities, scholars, researchers, and cultural institutions, enabling them to work together to digitize, archive, and share cultural materials in a collaborative and transparent manner.

Indigenous Language Documentation: Language documentation is central to our mission of preserving indigenous languages. Our platform provides tools and resources for documenting and analyzing linguistic data, from phonetic transcriptions to language maps and dictionaries, empowering communities to reclaim and revitalize their languages for future generations.

Customizable Digital Repositories: We offer customizable digital repositories that can be tailored to meet the specific needs and priorities of indigenous communities. Whether preserving audio recordings, digitizing historical documents, or creating multimedia exhibits, our platform provides the flexibility and scalability needed to accommodate a wide range of cultural materials and formats.

Indigenous Content Distribution: Our platform enables indigenous communities to distribute their digital content to a global audience, ensuring that their voices and stories are heard and appreciated around the world. Whether through online exhibitions, social media campaigns, or community radio broadcasts, our platform provides the tools and infrastructure needed to amplify indigenous voices and perspectives on a global scale.

Cultural Heritage Digitization: Digitizing cultural heritage is essential for ensuring its long-term preservation and accessibility. Our platform offers state-of-the-art digitization tools and techniques, from high-resolution scanning to 3D modeling, enabling communities to digitize and preserve a wide range of cultural materials, from ancient artifacts to contemporary artworks.

Participatory Archiving Platforms: We believe in the power of participatory archiving to democratize the preservation of cultural heritage. Our platform provides tools and resources that enable community members to actively participate in the archiving process, from contributing metadata to tagging and annotating cultural materials, ensuring that indigenous voices and perspectives are central to the preservation process.

With OpenBroadcaster’s language and cultural preservation tools, indigenous communities can reclaim control over their digital heritage and ensure that their languages, cultures, and traditions continue to thrive for generations to come. Join us in our mission to preserve and revitalize indigenous languages and cultures in the digital age. Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

UNESCO Proclaimed  2019 Year of Indigenous Languages followed by the United Nations General Assembly made 2022 through 2032 as the Decade of Indigenous Languages

7 thousand

Languages spoken worldwide

370 million

Indigenous people in the world

90 countries

With indigenous communities

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Different indigenous cultures


Languages in danger

With the OpenBroadcaster framework, you can create a variety of language revitalization applications tailored to the needs of indigenous communities. Here are some app ideas:

  1. Language Learning App: Create an interactive language learning app that includes vocabulary lessons, pronunciation guides, and language exercises tailored to specific indigenous languages. Users can track their progress and participate in quizzes and games to reinforce their language skills.

  2. Community Language Portal: Develop a centralized online platform where indigenous communities can access resources for language revitalization, including dictionaries, grammar guides, audio recordings, and cultural materials. This portal can also facilitate language exchange programs and virtual language immersion experiences.

  3. Virtual Language Immersion Environment: Design a virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) app that immerses users in a virtual environment where they can interact with native speakers, participate in cultural activities, and explore traditional settings while learning the language in context.

  4. Language Documentation Toolkit: Build a mobile app that enables community members to document and record their language using their smartphones or tablets. This toolkit can include features such as voice recording, transcription, translation, and annotation tools to capture and preserve oral traditions and stories.

  5. Interactive Storybook App: Create an app that features interactive storybooks narrated by native speakers of endangered languages. Users can listen to stories, read along with the text, and interact with animated illustrations to engage with the language in a fun and immersive way.

  6. Language Radio App: Develop a radio streaming app that broadcasts language programs and cultural content in multiple dialects. Users can tune in to live broadcasts or access archived recordings of language radio programs, interviews, and storytelling sessions.

  7. Language Flashcards and Games: Design a mobile app that offers language flashcards, multiple-choice games, and interactive quizzes to help users learn vocabulary and grammar concepts. The app can adapt to different proficiency levels and provide feedback to support language acquisition.

  8. Community Heritage Library App: Create a digital library app that serves as a repository for indigenous cultural materials, including audio recordings, videos, photographs, and documents. Users can search, browse, and access multimedia content related to their heritage and history.

  9. Land Claims Digitization App: Develop a tool for digitizing and organizing land claims documentation and community meeting recordings. This app can streamline the process of archiving and managing historical records, making them easily accessible for community members and researchers.

  10. Language Monitoring and Preservation App: Build an app that monitors the usage and vitality of endangered languages within indigenous communities. This tool can track language usage trends, document language shifts over time, and provide insights to inform language revitalization efforts.

These app ideas leverage the capabilities of the OpenBroadcaster framework to support language revitalization initiatives and promote cultural preservation among indigenous communities. Each app can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of different language groups, fostering unity and empowerment through language revitalization efforts.

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