Spirit FM 88.7

 Spirit FM, a Christian radio station based in Campbell River, British Columbia, has been owned and operated by Total Change Christian Ministries since 2009. In order to comply with the Canadian Radiotelevision and Telecommunications Commissions (CRTC) mandate to broadcast emergency alert messages, General Manager Terry Somerville began searching for a costeffective solution. After coming up emptyhanded, he approached OpenBroadcaster, a provider of opensource software and custom, solidstate fanless computers. OpenBroadcaster was able to supply Spirit FM with an emergency alerting solution that was both compliant with regulatory requirements and onethird the cost of the competition. The station was also able to betatest the product in its studio environment. After experiencing the benefits of OpenBroadcasters solution, Spirit FM has since spread the word among the network of faithbased broadcasters of which it is a part.