Media Asset Management

Open Source Media Asset Management

Digital content media files are the currency of modern media broadcast systems, but managing large repositories of media files can be a major challenge for any organization. Searching, storing, retrieving, and distributing video and audio files for broadcast can be time-consuming, managing multiple metadata even for the simplest of operations, as a modern broadcaster do not live in a simple world.

Media Asset Management (MAM) demands have to accommodate complex realities, including:

  • Managing large volumes of metadata associated with digital asset collections
  • Workflow of multiple users collaborating to generate and broadcast content
  • Ability to publish and be able to revoke API keys

MAM Solutions

Our systems provides a cost-effective choice by providing users web-based tools to easily find, retrieve, share and distribute media-rich content over multiple platforms, promoting collaboration while providing a secure and stable platform to protect media asset inventories and enhance their value.

We provide solutions to those demanding a networked, but geographically-dispersed assets who need to work from a common platform with accessible web services and control for system users running aspects of the station away from studio. Distribution over a variety of platforms including radio, terrestrial TV, CATV and digital signage. Given these demands, the modern broadcaster require solutions that help them maximize their production capabilities, simplify workflows and keep costs down.   This is where OpenBroadcaster comes in.  Instead of having to pay thousands of dollars for proprietary MAM solutions that often don’t scale well, especially for small to medium-size operations.

Asset Management

With OpenBroadcaster you have a choice. We are  especially focused on the ability of our web based systems to support community-based associations, often overlooked by developers in the broadcasting space. For example, our MAM system is ideal for Indigenous groups to manage, store and protect your precious media asset collections, supporting the preservation, revitalization and promotion of Indigenous language and culture.  In doing so, we can support the protection and promotion of Indigenous language and culture.

Additionally, we have spent a great deal of effort to enhance our MAM system using specially-designed modules that add extra functionality that supports enhanced metadata for better storage and retrieval of media asset.  Podcast generator  tool, so users can drag & drop media in the creation of podcasts for distribution and syndication among collaborating broadcast groups. See our list of modules and plugins that extend our base systems. Write your DIY own code.

Publish with API

We have a fully documented API and sample widgets that makes publish self generating media galleries easy with embedded widgets.

We provide affordable custom scalable Enterprise Broadcasting solutions.

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