Media Asset Management

Open Source Media Asset Management

Open source Media Asset Management solutions provide a range of benefits for broadcasters and media organizations. Open source solutions are often less expensive than proprietary solutions, provide flexibility in system design and deployment, and offer the ability to customize the system to meet an organizations specific needs. Open source solutions are also more secure, as it allows for users to audit the code and make sure it is not vulnerable to attack. Additionally, open source solutions are often faster to deploy and can be managed by a smaller IT staff. Open source Media Asset Management solutions provide broadcasters and media organizations with access to powerful tools for managing digital content media files. The systems provide a single platform for managing digital asset collections, integrating workflow, and managing multiple users and security levels. With open source solutions, organizations can customize the system to their specific needs and have the added benefit of being able to audit the code and make sure it is secure and up to date.

OpenBroadcaster Supports Album Art

MAM Solutions

 OpenBroadcaster is an opensource media asset management solution that provides users with an affordable, yet powerful, way to manage their media assets. OpenBroadcaster is designed to be easytouse, yet powerful enough to handle the most complex of media asset management tasks.  It offers a wide array of features and benefits, including: A single, unified platform that can be used across multiple mediums, from radio and television to online streaming and digital signage. A secure, stable system that protects media asset inventories and enhances their value. Webbased tools to easily find, retrieve, share and distribute mediarich content over multiple platforms. Collaboration features to promote collaboration among geographicallydispersed teams and stakeholders. An affordable solution that is both costeffective and scalable. OpenBroadcaster is the ideal choice for broadcasters looking to take advantage of the latest media asset management solutions without breaking the bank. With OpenBroadcaster, media asset management is made easy, costeffective and secure.

Asset Management

OpenBroadcaster‘s asset management system is designed to give you the tools to manage, store, and protect your media asset collections. We provide enhanced metadata for improved storage and retrieval of media assets, modules for podcast generation, and write your own code for customizing your asset management system. Our platform works especially well for communitybased associations, such as Indigenous groups, allowing them to preserve, revitalize, and promote Indigenous language and culture. With OpenBroadcaster, you have the power to manage your media assets in the most efficient way.

Publish with API

We have a fully documented API and sample widgets that makes publish self generating media galleries easy with embedded widgets. The API supports backend services such as PHP, Node.js, Java, and Ruby. It also supports frontend frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue.js. You can use our API to integrate your own services with our platform. We also provide sample code in a variety of languages to help you get started. With our API, you can easily add, edit, and delete content, generate secure media galleries, incorporate analytics, and more. Our API is secure and reliable, so you can trust that your content is safe. We also offer detailed documentation to help you get the most out of our API. With our API, you can quickly and easily publish selfgenerated media galleries with embedded widgets.

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