Source Code

Use our free open source code to experiment and develop custom broadcast solutions for your operation and support the community. For the DIY crowd with in-house Linux technical abilities,  self host your own LPFM community radio station and online streaming media server with music scheduling at your facilities. Use our documented tools to create API connected CMS websites.

Open Source Code

All of our source code is released to the public under the AGPLv3 open source license that lets us offer our software to all who wish to use, modify and distribute it freely, free of charge. With this license, you can download, run, inspect, develop, test and freely redistribute OpenBroadcaster code, even for commercial uses.

If you enjoy vendor lock in and expensive licensing, open source is not for you!

Mandatory paid subscription, unlock codes or dongles NOT required for full operation.

Download Source Code from GitHub Repository

OBPlayer Ver 5.1.1  

With CAP Emergency Alert Player


OBServer Ver 5.1.1

Online media library and scheduler


Modules, Themes and Utilities


Support Site

OBServer and OBPlayer User Manual

Support Open Source

We support DIY open source broadcast software, giving back to the community with free radio and television scheduling playout software combined with EAS (Emergency Alert Systems) so users can adapt and customize without a proprietary license. Hire an expert with experience to custom code solutions for your project, big or small.

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