Television Station Broadcast Automation

Run your own community television station with the best open source broadcast media server on the market. Upload original content to your private media library, tag videos, create dynamic playlists and schedule programming 24/7 through an easytouse web browser interface. With playout automation, preempt regular programming and prioritize videos. OpenBroadcaster‘s media asset management playout control and integrated TV broadcast streaming automation software is perfect for launching a new IPTV platform orover the air community television station. Upgrade from outdated or obsolete equipment, or from expensive replacement systems with Windows OS unsupported licenses. Take advantage of cloud television automation software running on inexpensive hardware. Your server and player are accessible via the web, where a large portion of your community media audience is located. Extend the life of your analog gear and prepare for the future with a modern video server and on air playout streaming automation for terrestrial over the air television broadcast scheduling.
OpenBroadcaster offers a comprehensive suite of broadcast media automation solutions for running a television station.
OpenBroadcaster is the perfect solution for your broadcast media server. Boasting features such as media asset management, unified web browser interface, dynamic playlists, and 24/7 schedule content. OpenBroadcaster is the best open source broadcast media server on the market. Upload original material to your private media library, tag video, and prioritize content with playout automation. Preempt regular programming with ease, and stream content to multiple channels with integrated TV broadcast streaming automation software. Enjoy flexible, reliable, and secure broadcast automation with OpenBroadcaster.

Key Television Broadcasting Features

  • Robust broadcast television automation software and playout
  • Video streaming platform for online TV station
  • Play, record and save video along with audio for future VOD broadcast
  • Easy playout control scheduling
  • Cloud Television automation playout with integrated encoder
  • Run real time rotations, generate playlists and play logs
  • Clean interface, drag and drop menu operation
  • Uncomplicated, easy to setup video database
  • Supports indigenous and alternative language UTF-8 fonts and text
  • Emergency broadcasting for disaster alerting

Broadcast Scheduling

Keep your channels fresh with a variety of scheduling options and real-time updates. Automatically create custom programming to engage viewers with up to the minute information. Utilize automation to efficiently manage and deliver your broadcast content in the most cost effective manner.
Schedule your production plant’s broadcast video to the millisecond with television automation software. Automate original media to playout within specific time slots, streaming online and through cable PEG Channels. Create a cloud-based TV station with a workflow for video and playout automation that can dynamically display pre-recorded segments.

Playout Control System

Our broadcast suite makes automated playout of linear channels easy. With ourdrag and drop workflow, you can create dynamic playlists for a series of online TV station channels. Our integrated playout tools manage multiple schedules and devices, letting you create global playlists that automatically populate with dynamic content. Enjoy a virtual control room with our television automation software, which can be run inhouse on existing media servers, in virtual machine environments, or hosted in the cloud. Plus, preview video and advertising spots with our builtin HTML web video player, and book smart advertising campaigns effortlessly.

Decentralized File Management

Our cloud based infrastructure as a service provides reliable and secure automated programming for community television and cable TV networks. Get access to the latest in cloud television automation, with features such as command and playout control scheduling, artist/title tagging, asset scheduling and digital backup. Our intuitive interface allows for easy navigation of 100,000+ media files, with large collections powered by searchable metadata. Keep your media secure on your own private cloud, with streaming capabilities for prerecorded segments. Enjoy the flexibility to extend the life of your existing community television station, community television transmitter or Cable TV head end plant infrastructure with new revenue generating opportunities.

Expanded API Functionality

With the use of the documented API, our team of developers can create custom solutions to enhance the online consumer experience. By leveraging native mobile apps playing web internet TV and YouTube channels, we can provide a real enterprise cloud service with automation capabilities. This service will allow for accurate spot advertisements to be played on a timebased schedule, with zonebased playout, marketing widgets, and seamless digital playback in industry standard formats. Open source technology also makes it possible to easily integrate the API on a content delivery network, providing our group of television stations with a comprehensive solution for their digital broadcasting needs.

Hardware Requirements

We support the hardware requirements necessary for outputting a 1080p 60 fps @4500 kbps HD signal to a transmitter. The installation can be done on a virtual machine, allowing for instant recovery from human error in the event of a worstcase scenario.

Video Formats Supported

  • AVI
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • Theora
  • WMV

Image Formats Supported

  • BMP
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • SVG

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