Thanks for all your hard work developing this amazing technology and making it available to others!!

We are so happy to have OpenBroadcaster during this crisis, because it has let us stay on the air and communicate critical public health and safety info especially to non-English speaking members of our community.

I just wanted to say that the process you designed for uploading the captions is excellent.  It takes me all of 30 seconds to upload it, and it works perfectly every time.

I’m happy to say that for about two months now, CKLB has been using the emergency alert box and it is working fine. I configured our LAWO board (with the help of LAWO) to respond to RS232 trigger by muting all faders and sending the emergency alert fader up. I’ve ran a few tests of this and it works flawlessly. I want to thank you for your assistance when I started at CKLB with flashing the box with the provided .iso and for the recommendation of using GPIO triggers. 

We are trying your openbroadcaster and so far we are delighted.

This system of yours is a real little sweetheart, ……..

Thanks so much for the app.  It is so nice to have an option out there for technical minded but cash poor stations.  You rock!

The people in charge of the content are thrilled with the system. “F%$^ing Amazing” was the comment I was told the most! LOL.

By the way I really like the OpenBroadcaster system.   Easy to upload and schedule and understand.   I like the fact I can produce at home and upload and schedule to the system and manage the schedule remotely.  Extremely good as I will be able to give some access to some of our volunteers and some students from our local community French and English radio programs.  I am meeting them on Monday to discuss some ideas and partnership.

I really like the server and the scheduling options.  Does what we need to do.    We can schedule show at specific times and then not worry if nothing is schedule as it defaults back to the Default Play List.    The line-in scheduler is also working great.

Everything is working smoothly with our setup.

Nuxalk Radio is very grateful for the time, service and dedication of Robert Hopkins of OpenBroadcaster. “RadioRob” is a very kind, and considerate individual. We are very appreciative of his help in reaching our ultimate goal of helping to save the Nuxalk language through radio. Stutswinuts! for helping us with our new reality – Nuxalk Radio and your presentation that was provided to our community.

Banchi Hanuse
Nuxalk Radio

I have collaborated with Rob Hopkins for a virtual tour mobile application of the historic Carcross steam wheeler – The SS Tutshi. The completed web application he delivered was easily updated, exactly what the client was wanting to be and accessible on multiple platforms. I would have no hesitation in working collaboratively with Rob in future projects that involve multimedia or programming.

Trevor Mead-Robins
Apple Specialist

I would like to express my appreciation for your offer of assistance to Joint Task Force North’s surveillance efforts. It is good to know there are citizens like you who are interested in using technology to further our country’s goals.

Christine Whitecross, Brigadier-General
Commander Joint Task Force North

We are using OpenBroadcaster to trigger a switch on serial port, then our digital board (Wheatstone IP) switches the audio source from our control room to the OBPlayer. When the alert is done, OBPlayer turns off the switch, and Wheatstone reverts to the source from the control room. It’s working pretty well. OBPlayer is installed on Linux, and this was very easy to set up. Our technician set up the Wheatstone macro, which was fairly easy for him. We had a lot of help from Rob at OpenBroadcaster.

David Parker
CFRC Queens University

Rob Hopkins is a critical asset to communications in the Yukon and beyond. He has set up community radio transmission, trained community broadcasters and has created openbroadcaster software to facilitate easy content generation and radio show planning. I have complete confidence that he can execute any technical and communications related task required of him in an efficient and innovative manner.

Anne Middler

I worked with Rob on a project to create a mobile-friendly web site on the SS Tutshi, a historic Carcross steam ship. Rob proved very knowledgeable about audience experiences and was a pleasure to work with.

Sally Robinson
Vintage Ventures

I have worked with Mr. Hopkins on several Yukon tele-communication related committees, as well as having him as one of the founding members of the Yukon Community Access Program (Y-CAP) Mr Hopkins was instrumental with a small working group five years ago to ensure and promote the Community Access Program (CAP) for Yukon communities. Through the early work the Yukon now has 19 CAP sites with a total of 39 computers available to rural Yukoners.  I am very pleased with Mr. Hopkins professional experience as a Computer Technologist and Instructor, and as someone I see as a consultant and inventor in the area of telecommunications, who I often call on for referral.

Dudley E Morgan, Director
Community and Extension Services, Yukon College

Rob contacted me a few years ago for my thoughts on some unique challenges he had come across in his pioneering efforts as a community broadcaster in the Yukon Territory. Rob is the total package. His expertise goes far beyond the reach of the air chair. His work has led to innovative improvements to essential communication services in general for the high north. He has the engineering background and know how to make a real difference in emerging areas of interest like interactive new media for First Nations, software design services and user interfaces, as well as radio broadcast communications. I highly recommend Rob for any opportunity or assistance he may require to further his important work. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for additional reference.

Cal Koat
Calcopyrite Communications Inc. Vancouver, BC.

Rob was a dedicated IT personal who worked with me at the Carcross Tagish First Nation. He was a Tech Guru and also helped many ways to improve the IT section of the organization and managed the IT department to troubleshoot hardware, software and network operating systems. His main activities at the organization: – Be familiar with all hardware and software – Be familiar with network operating system – Provide orientation to new users of existing technology – Train staff about potential uses of existing technology – Provide individual training and support on request – Provide recommendations about accessing information and support – Maintain current and accurate inventory of technology hardware, software and resources. He helped many times when there was a technical issue in the Finance department and Government Administration and, many times he worked off hours and weekends. It was a pleasure to work with Rob.

Anura Withanage, CPA, CMA, MSc

I worked with Rob during the early stages of OpenBroadcaster and was very impressed by his skills, knowledge and drive to innovate broadcast radio communication using modern software he helped develop geared towards end user experience for like minded entrepreneurs.

Tony (Anthony) Vivone, Manager
Information Technology Support Services, Yukon Education at Yukon government

I am writing at the request of Robert G. Hopkins, to confirm his work with our company over the last two years. During the period his responsibilities included teaching introductory computer skills to a wide variety of learners, course development and modification, and assessment skills learned by the course participants. During the two years that he was with us, Mr Hopkins taught at least 60 computer classes. I would like to add the Mr Hopkins’ skills in all these areas were very positive and most often commented on his effective teaching style. Mr Hopkins was also able to be of considerable assistance with the maintenance and repair of the hardware within our computer lab. His technical skills are extensive. We were very pleased with Mr Hopkins abilities and would gladly recommend him for any similar kinds of work. If you would like any additional information, please call me at your convenience.

Jon Breen, Partner
Up North Training Services

CFET FM is known for its variety of music and playing a diverse stream of Yukon artists on its playlist system. Without the support of a vibrant and visionary radio station like CFET, many of our talented performers and listeners from the rural communities would not have the opportunity of hearing Yukon artists and their music on the local airwaves. As an accessible interactive communication server, CFET offers an opportunity for local artists to be heard, to develop their craft and to reach out to programmers across the country. CFET’s proposal will extend its services to an important listening audience in the Haines Junction area. CCD development money contributed by CFET Radio to MusicYukon helps us to further our mandate to develop and improve the market for Yukon musicians and the northern music industry. We are grateful that through the outreach efforts of CFET, other stations are able to resource Yukon musicians through CFET’s community-based and innovative programming. On behalf of MusicYukon, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Hopkins for his assistance to our board with Internet communications and his liaison with broadcasters and new media. We appreciate his sincerity and optimism with regard to the future of the Yukon music industry.

Lynne Cavanagh, Executive Director

For many decades the greatest impediment to Estonian language broadcasting in Canada was the high price of launching and maintaining a radio show. Radio stations wanted large sums of money for the use of their studios and highly paid employees were needed to play records on the air. This situation made broadcasting in Estonian and other minority languages prohibitively expensive for their respective communities. Thanks to the new technology of internet-based broadcasting developed by Robert Hopkins of Tagish, Yukon Territory, Canada’s Estonian-speaking community now has its own radio program featuring popular music in the Estonian language. Eesti Pop, formerly Eesti Muusika ja Uudised Põhja Kanadast (Estonian Music and News from Northern Canada), has been continuously broadcast since January 2005. The OpenBroadcaster system has made it easy for people such as myself with no formal radio education to manage a daily radio show with just a few hours of training. Mr. Hopkins has always been available to provide support when needed to enable me to succeed in this endeavour. I am able to manage this program, add and delete songs and create playlists and audio files with a computer from the comfort of my own home without ever having to even enter a studio. I recommend Open Broadcaster highly to all of the ethnic communities who make up Canada’s multicultural mosaic and strongly believe that this new technology will further the goal of bringing equality and diversity to Canada’s airwaves.

Peter Kalm, Program Director
Eesti Pop Radio

Rob provided radio coverage for 5 helicopters and maintained a flight manifest system for 160 fire staff. Rob also provided valuable expertise in computer systems and Radio communications. Rob was new to the position of radio ops but easily fit into the position and provided quality radio coverage for aircraft and staff. Rob was an asset to the fire team not only for his technical skills and ability but from his willingness to do whatever needed to be done i.e. trouble shoot computer software, setting up radio repeater systems and obtaining wx data from remote wx station. I would strongly recommend that Rob be considered as an early hire for any project fires you may experience in the future. He would be a definite asset to the intelligence section of any fire team.

Brent Handley, Fire Officer

Robert Hopkins was employed with Famous Players from 1981 – 1982 as a cleaning and maintenance person. He also did part time ushering. During Rob’s time of employment with us he was a very diligent, honest, punctual and a co-operative young man. We are only to sorry to lose Rob to the Klondike, as he really helped to make the University Theatre one the of nicer Theatres in Toronto.

Cindy Acorn, Asst. Manager

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