Raspberry Pi Pyrate

The Pyrate 3.0 software IMG is an open source platform that provides a suite of powerful tools for media broadcasters and relief organizations. It enables users to set up their own low cost radio station and distribute audio and video content to their local listeners and viewers. The software is also equipped with features such as automated playlists, timeshifted scheduling, realtime analytics, and more. With this platform, users can create and broadcast their own content to their local communities, helping to promote awareness and activism of local and global issues.

Pyrate 3.0

Simply copy the software IMG to an SD card, pop it into your Raspberry Pi, and you are ready to start broadcasting! Pyrate 3 provides the tools for total broadcast automation, including an online media library, community playlists, scheduler with permissions matrix to manage volunteers, an OBPlayer dashboard for creating streaming mount points withdrag and drop playlists, and support for most modern audio, image, and video codecs. It also includes features such as the ability to stream live to YouTube with a mix of audio, images, and video, a configured Icecast streaming media server for both audio and video, CAPbased emergency alerting for audio and visual unattended EAS messages with the Canadian Alert Ready network, and RTP/AoIP/Livewire support for AXIA digital consoles. Plus, with webhooks for integration with most popular broadcast automation systems, you‘ll be up and running in no time.

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