📻 Live Remote Radio Summer Solstice

📻 Live Remote Radio Summer Solstice

Live Remote Radio Summer Solstice

From the land of the Midnight Sun

Remote Radio Broadcasting

Updated user guides with remote radio broadcasting and Live assist handbooks are available on our support site. Each module now has its own support page.


Live Streaming

Use the Live Assist touch screen interface:
* Stream to all stations with a USB Mixer Laptop in the field to all stations.
* Use Master override from main studio to stations in a network
* Use Instant override play button in Live Assist touch interface
* Display an indicator to show how many stations are receiving over ride.


 Remote Broadcasting Training Video

How to setup a live stream using the Live Assist interface

CAP Emergency Alerting with Artificial Intelligence

Our latest Alert Player has the capability of using AWS POLLY (Machine Learning AI) voices instead of the onboard TTS. When an alert is received, the text is sent to AWS POLLY using the various voices available and played out as a natural sounding voice. Works for both Broadcast Intrusive alerts and Moderate Advisories.


Nuxalk Radio


We are thrilled to announce that NUXALK RADIO, directed by Slts`lani – Banshee Hanuse and produced by Lantern Films, will have its world premiere on HOT DOCS https://hotdocs.ca (https://hotdocs.ca/) and TV broadcast premier on the Knowledge Network in 2021. Keep a look out for this short documentary coming to a festival near you.

New Public Release

OBServer VER 5.1


OBPlayer VER 5.1 available on Dev branch


Change Log

Our latest software updates

Contact us if you have a specific requirement or cool feature that you would like to sponsor?


Thai Translations

Recent Thai translation using our new framework editing tool.

Rethinking Presenting And Touring

Artistic impetus, digital technologies and imagining new digital models I talk with Inga Petri about digital radio and remote broadcasting to rural indigenous communities.

Upcoming Arts In The Park

The concert season will be recorded and broadcast LIVE on CJUC 92.5 FM (https://www.cjucfm.com/) https://www.cjucfm.com/Community Radio (https://www.cjucfm.com/) at the historic Chamber House at Shipyards Park in Whitehorse Yukon Territory, with no live audience.

July 6 – August 3, 2020


Call Out To Stations And Contributors

Sending a Hola to @sporterio who added enhanced video capabilities to our player and translated both the OBPlayer and OBServer systems to support Spanish language with the new translation module. Gracias!