💡Supply chain delays? Open source solutions

💡Supply chain delays? Open source solutions

 Winter Solstice – Northern Hemisphere

Supply chain issues? DIY Recycle

6 – 8 week lead time sound familiar? Expensive shipping? Stuck on your broadcast project waiting for parts?

Re-purpose your existing hardware using Open Source code that runs on surplus equipment.

Raspberry PI computers are widely available and inexpensive


Repurposed Hardware

Our latest IMG is backward compatible with legacy Alert Players running updates to support POLLY AI Voices. Extends the life of proven and functional hardware.

Contact us for upgrade path for legacy Alert Player hardware.


* Online media library with API metadata widget
* Community scheduler
* Streaming media server and player all in one device

Boxing Week Dec 26 – 31 Year End Specials

Check our site https://openbroadcaster.com/products/specials

Tech Tip Xmas Day Parting

This allows filter material to play based on times and date ranges excluding Xmas music until Dec 23-26.

National CAP Test Results

November 17 Emergency alert tests received feedback from users reporting success using our updated production firmware to receive POLLY AI announcements (EN+FR) on alert player supporting legacy hardware from 2015.

Computers for Schools Yukon

We rely on CFSY to assist northern radio stations with recycled computers before they go to the final e-waste heap.

Computers for Schools Yukon is part of a national, Federally funded non-profit initiative that helps to fix up used equipment to provide for education, other non-profits, and First Nation organizations for low cost. They hire Canadian youth as interns in doing this work, while teaching them professional skills which will assist in their future employment.


User Code Contributions

* @gubatez P. Jordan – Gstreamer VBR fix for long term Alert Player stability
* @sportio S. Porteiro- Electronic Program Guide and Spanish Translations
* @mgodiya M. Godiya – Nagios Monitoring
* @ralphotowo R. Otowo – OS detection in new installer
* @A-c0rN -A. Mayer – Debian 10 dependencies shortcuts

Happy Holidays

2021, like 2020 before it, has been a year unlike any others, with special challenges for everyone.

OpenBroadcaster has been there helping broadcasters and Communities get through and rise above, and we’ll keep on helping for as long as it takes.

This year, more than ever, we wish everyone all the best for The Holidays, and in cautiously optimistic anticipation of a return to normalcy in The New Year!