📻 Rob is Analog 📻 ALFF Audience Favorite Award

📻 Rob is Analog 📻 ALFF Audience Favorite Award

Available Light Film Festival 2022 Audience Choice Winners

The winner of the ALFF Audience Choice Award for Best Canadian Documentary, Rob Is Analog, was also the audience favorite overall. Yukon filmmaker, Jessica Hall’s funny and charming documentary about “Radio Rob” Hopkins: a ramshackle communications pirate who pioneered community radio in Southern Yukon and fights for the public’s right to over-the-air analog community tv, drew the third largest combined in-person and online attendance.


Demo Sites

Check out a live loaded OpenBroadcaster installation with Observer and Obplayer. You can evaluate the broadcast automation system in real time including streaming and API media shares.


RFP for OpenBroadcaster Multimedia API development

Currently OpenBroadcaster has support to display and publish assets with Drupal 7.0 for dynamically created website content, schedules, whats playing, what played last 24 hours, etc. Our goal with this project is to phase out support for proprietary modules for each type of CMS, instead provide some simple generic embedded API code to paste that radio and TV stations public web site easily to be able to deploy as templates.

Budget $3,500.00 USD


Case Study – Arichat TV CAP Video Alerting

TV TELILE is a unique community television station in Nova Scotia that needed an emergency alerting system. They are found on Channel 10 using an antenna, Channel 4 on the EastLink cable system in western Richmond County, and on Channel 5 on the Seaside cable system. As required by CRTC, Telile must carry the national emergency alert feed from Pelmorex and raised funds to purchase a solution. There are many expensive proprietary systems on the market that were out of reach, instead they investigated the cost saving benefits of using an open source approach.


Case Study – Virtual Legislative Broadcasting

Municipal and state legislatures need to operate remotely, securely and involve public participation from guest speakers. Our systems automatically record, archive and publish legislative broadcasting assemblies. Intelligence switches message when In-Camera and senses audio silence and gaps, combining into a neat time stamped single audio archive podcast.


Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD)


World Radio Day 2022 – Celebrating a world of Sounds


Broadcast Geek Fest

We had attendees from all across Canada and US with remote guests from New Zealand and Uganda.

Join us on Zoom for a fun filled 60 minute technical session to geek out about all things open source broadcasting.

Upcoming Agenda

* Host Message and Introductions
* Show and tell
* Tech Update
* Raspberry Pi
* GIT Traffic

Future Geek Fest

Weds June 22, 2022 13:00 Yukon Standard Time

Follow the Broadcast Geek Fest group on FaceBook

Road Trip to Vancouver Island

Campbell River BC March 14

Alert Bay BC March 15 -17

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