💡 Why do I love innovation and community radio?

💡 Why do I love innovation and community radio?

25 years of CFET Radio. Everyday is innovation day at CFET and CJUC Community Radio. We have a really good pool of experienced professionals working in the field that enjoy meeting new friends from abroad that are passionate about building open source community broadcasting tools.

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Please join us on our public discussion Discord server for; Hands on interactive learning and capacity development, extreme open source hacking, networking and technical skills development.

Inclusive for all. No charge.

Drop us a welcome note what interests you. Write your own ticket.


Note: Make sure you are running latest version of Discord.

  • Coding, Mentoring, Training; GIT, Bash, PHP, MYSQL, Apache, JSON, PYTHON

  • Indigenous Language Preservation technology working with CAP emergency alerting

  • POLLY Artificial Intelligence Neural Language services and development on AWS

  • Word Press CMS Web templating with API embed of radio asset smart blocks

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization for Google Analytics

  • Digital Audio over IP (AoIP). Video streaming codecs using web optimized formats

  • Virtual environments, NAS Docker Images, unattended development installs