About Us

OpenBroadcaster’s Mission Statement is to develop open source products and services for broadcasters of any size, working in analog or digital environments. We offer open source broadcasting solutions to individuals, small-to-medium sized businesses and communities that allow them to distribute media over the air and via the Internet in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We aim to strengthen links between communities and cultures globally by supporting and facilitating the formation of broadcaster networks that are capable of pooling resources, jointly managing media and sharing stories.

Our History

Since its incorporation in 2005, OpenBroadcaster Inc. offers software and hardware solutions to help our clients be effective at any scale of operation.   While our various solutions differ in their specific functions, they are linked by several common features:

  • All are developed to offer unparalleled operational stability and reliability – you can be confident that your operation will continue to broadcast even when you are away for long periods.
  • All are free and open-source software (FOSS) under the AGPL3 Open Source License,. Our software is free to use – even for commercial applications.
  • All are managed through a web-based portal using Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari  or any other modern HTML5 capable browser to securely run your media operation from anywhere in the world.
  • All provide crucial CAP emergency messaging services to audiences using supported media types including audio, image and video.
  • All are highly upgradeable  – click a button and get the most recent upgrades free!

OpenBroadcaster’s business model is based on the development of free and open-source software (FOSS) with revenue generated through customization, service and technical support.  In the event a customer has specific requirements outside of a standard release, custom modules may be developed and supported with service and onsite training.

To learn more about how we design and build our solutions, please visit our Video section.

Broadcast Experience

We have over 25 years hands on experience in the broadcast and telecommunications industries:

1996 – Tagishtel full duplex analog radio telephony connecting Tagish to Whitehorse 120 Kms away

1997 – Launched CFET 106.7 FM the Yukon’s first commercial FM station in Tagish

1998 – Community Broadband microwave link connecting Whitehorse to Tagish and Marsh Lake Firehalls

2001 – Government of Canada tests prototype of OpenBroadcaster on CFET Radio 106.7 FM in Tagish YT.  Flexibility and capacity to facilitate the insertion and delivery of remote radio broadcasts, as and when required, via the Internet to an on-air radio station while it operates in an unattended automated mode.

2002 – Part of Environment Canada’s Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) Weather Alarm™ project.

2007 – Profiled in international media using low cost Barix equipment for priority emergency messaging.

2012 – CFET Radio began a pilot project with Yukon Government Emergency Measures Organization to evaluate satellite based unattended emergency alerting.

2013 – Part of JTFN’s Operation Nanook held in Whitehorse.

2015 – Pelmorex NAAD integration with a standalone open source CAP software web application

2016 – Embedded streaming player and OpenBroadcaster appliance

2017 – Livewire RTP AoIP (Audio over Internet Protocol) support for digital AXIA boards and devices. 100% Digital in and out.

2018 – Sound Exchange reporting module. Statistics and graphs. Raspberry PI IMG.  Start your own online radio station on a tiny super computer.

2019 – Supports indigenous languages for unattended emergency alerts. Translation framework to provide GUI support to translate menus and help screens.

2020 – Embed code, to display media items and galleries in popular CMS, such as Drupal and WordPress. Documented API

2021 – Album Art and Meta updating with acoustic finger printing. POLLY Ai voices included in alerting.

See our Change Log for most recent developments

Project Archive

OpenBroadcaster Ver 1 Series 2002 – 2005

OpenBroadcaster Ver 2 Series 2005 – 2008

Joomla Plugin managing multiple devices with video support

OpenBroadcaster Ver 3 Series 2009 – 2011


OpenBroadcaster Ver 4 Series 2012 – 2020

GTK Desktop Player written in Python