EaaS - CAP Emergency Alerting as Service

$636.56 CAD

Emergency Alerting as Service

EaaS package supplies a configurable web dashboard with an inexpensive rock stable IP receiver combo for an affordable solution for CAP compliance.  We provide a CAP feed that sends targeted on demand priority CAP-CP streams to inexpensive Barix Exstreamer IP receiver at transmitter overriding primary stream from studio.  When alert is finished, regular programming resumes.

Package Details:

BARIX Exstreamer 100


Sample Barix configuration for CAP Alerting

Your studio will send a generic MP3 stream from studio that is received by the Barix exstreamer sending analog audio to transmitter.   This can be part of your STL (Studio transmitter Link).  For stations requiring a hardware encoder to send a MP3 stream from studio to transmitter site we highly recommend a Barix Instreamer.

Barix EaaS CAP Alerting Service

Barix ExStreamer
CAP-CP Alerting Service
Setup - EaaS