GAATES Emergency CAP Alert LED Signage Project

GAATES Emergency CAP Alert LED Signage Project

CFET CJHJ GAATES Signage Pelmorex Testing March 10, 2015

The pilot project test started out with a couple of bumps. My team worked through these problems enabling both radio stations in Tagish and Haines Junction to each receive and broadcast the emergency messages within the 2 hour testing window. The LCD screen in Tagish Recreation Centre also received and displayed the test emergency message.

Download the full PDF report

Our group in Tagish is having lunch listening to CFET radio and watching the slide show on LCD panel waiting for the automated alerts break in.

CAP-CP Emergency message displayed as an overlay on community signage


First Open Source MAM (Media Asset Management) system to support CAP-CP

First Open Source MAM (Media Asset Management) system to support ITU standard X.1303

First Pelmorex test messages broadcast using Open Source CAP-CP client in Canada.

First Pelmorex CAP-CP test message broadcast by a LCD community screen northern Canada

First broadcast of a pre recorded MP3 CAP-CP announcement issued by YG-EMO

First Simultaneous CAP-CP use of Digital Display Signage and out of band, FM Radio northern Canada

SSi Kanata Teleport

Final cut over for CFET, CJHJ and CJUC Radio stations with new player code including Pelmorex Emergency support to Eldorado server at SSi Kanata Teleport running newest HTML5 Mobile code. Users now get to choose and create their own accessible theme while they DJ on our northern network.

Frozen Globe Awards

“Most Innovative Company” OpenBroadcaster headed over to #FrozenGlobes Iqaluit on @flyairnorth charter as finalist

Nuxalk Radio – Bella Coola BC

CJHJ “The Griz” on air in Haines Junction

Upcoming Events

OpenBroadcaster will be at Lions Trade show in Whitehorse May 1 – 3. We will have a LCD screen running the emergency test alerting feature of CAP-CP feeds from Pelmorex.


Looking forward to attending and presenting at National Campus and Community Radio Conference June 3 – 10 St John New Brunswick.