News from OpenBroadcaster – Community Media Convergence

News from OpenBroadcaster – Community Media Convergence

Community Media Conference

OpenBroadcaster is busy preparing to attend Commedia at Carlton University Ontario Nov 22 – 24

Stop by and say hello to Jake Parsons the original lead developer for OpenBroadcaster and my nephew Christopher Nash at They will have a table participating at the technology fair and presenting about our work with Open Source CAP-CP emergency broadcasting.

New Emergency Broadcasting Features

Three new ways for injecting CAP-CP Emergency Alerting into the broadcast chain:

– GPIO Trigger with RS-232 DTR on CAP-CP Alerts. When enabled and a matching CAP-CP message is broadcast, an alert cycle starts, the serial port will be opened and the DTR line will be set. After the alert cycle has completed, the DTR line will be cleared and a relay will be closed.

– Trigger for Icecast Stream during CAP-CP alerts will start and stop the icecast streamer module (in the streaming tab) in sync with the serial port above.

– Icecast streamer with the Barix Box will switch to the alert stream when an alert cycle starts and switch back when it stops. In the Barix Box, set the first URL to the alert stream, and the second URL to the normal stream.

Special thanks to coder David Parker and Professor Eric Heidendahl of CFRC at Queens University for the tour and collaboration on the RS232 DTR Trigger relay project. We really appreciate the assistance testing and the technical guidance.

LIVE Assist local Microphone access.

Chrome/FireFox/Safari HTML5 web application asks for browser permission to access local mic and talks over the playing audio or only mic. Uses PCM and ulaw to reduce bandwidth. Load web browser on a tablet or laptop at a coffee shop or community event, then use USB mic to do interviews/shows. Buttons starts a RTP Opus stream to send out a stream to automatically cut into transmitter for live operation in the field. Uses the main media library with integrated logging of material played.

Live Assist with Microphone

Live Assist with Microphone

Audio Streaming

Audio streaming is now done internally with the player (based on Gsteamer) and doesn’t rely on Darkice anymore. From the player dashboard GUI enter in the mount point name, icecast server and password. Audio is recorded and archived by a schedule. Easy Peasy.

Podcast Assembler

Simply drag and drop media and dynamic playlists to assemble a podcast with our easy web tool. Creates an embedded track list for royalties and logging. Dynamic episodes of a series may be built just by dragging a playlist to update and refresh the podcast.

Podcast Assembler

Podcast Assembler

Developer Support Program

We are launching a new Developer Support Program to assist and provide technical guidance to our many new international friends that are creating custom applications and expanding the usefulness of OpenBroadcaster for audio and streaming applications.

Icewireless a northern business leader takes the initiative and supports accessibility on customer’s handsets.

“Recycle the Vinyl”™ The CJUC Media Preservation Project

CJUC 92.5 FM – Whitehorse Community Radio is raising funds to move their new 600 watt transmitter to Haeckel Hill, Summer 2016! “The Juice” is updating its digital media library and interested in recycling any vinyl media that you may have hanging around the house. We are especially keen for northern music lying around gathering dust.

Saturday December 5, 2015 @ 4pm. CJUC will be broadcasting the Lions Radio Auction LIVE from Whitehorse City Hall. CJUC studio will be open in the afternoon and evening. (careful of the ice) Vinyl fans may come and check out the treasures. Some of the contemporary media are available on a donation basis.

Studio Visits

CKNN – Bella Coola BC

CFRC – Kingston ON

County FM – Picton ON

FaithFM -Waterloo ON

UCB Canada – Belleville ON

Thank-you everyone that spent the time sharing your studio and chatting about radio.

There is never enough time to visit every station