OpenBroadcaster Version 5

OpenBroadcaster Version 5

CLFG 1.2 Support

Thanks everyone for your support to date. We wish to advise about updates for Alert Player to conform to the new CLFG 1.2 alerting specifications. Available to all customers and the DIY community, no charge. Customers that purchased Alert Player online have a rescue image ISO in User Account or register at (no credit card required)

Technical Operation

* Always change the default dashboard admin passwords.
* Ensure there is unobstructed airflow above the fanless AlertPlayer. Never place any objects on top of the unit such as manuals or displays.
* A monitor (KVM is not advised) must be attached 24/7 for continued operation.
* Please visit our Support Site for updated manuals and video tutorials

Version 5 – New Feature Highlights


* Headless with Python3
* All operation including audio levels set in dashboard
* HD Video and YouTube Live Streaming


* 60+ Indigenous language dialects
* Last IP Player Connected reports back through firewalls
* Audio Video Image media bulk ingest junk filter

See Changelog for more details

Audio Program Logging


Alert Player users are able to record and capture off-air audio logs that can be used for CRTC logging purposes or reused as a podcast. Enable Audio Logging from the sources tab. To access these audio files, click the downloads button on the Status tab.

National Alert Tests June 21, 2017

No reported issues. Most, if not all received the test alert as an audio file. We did receive some feedback about reporting to Pelmorex and advise our systems receive alerts via “TCP Socket feeds”

In the media

Special Offers

We have added a new section that has limited time Special Offers and packages.

Until the end of July 2017, we are offering a 10% discount on our GPIO mechanical switching relay that works with Alert Player. Made in Canada.

Advertising Promotion

Wish to make a bit of extra revenue for advertising? We have a client that wishes to run radio PSA spots in smaller rural Canadian regions. Please Contact Us for more details.

Workshops and conferences

Attended the inaugural  The Future of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Broadcasting: Conversation & Convergence conference in Winnipeg.

Special Thanks to: Brant, Denis, Morgan, Nat, Sylvain and Tyler for feedback and troubleshooting assistance.

We’ve moved

Not that far, 2 doors away in Tagish Yukon. Still the same mailing address.