🍓 Open Source EAS Raspberry Pi 🍓

🍓 Open Source EAS Raspberry Pi 🍓

Open Source EAS with the Pyrate Raspberry Pi was mentioned in a letter to the FCC. Read the letter REC Network sent to FCC mentioning our work with open source EAS to Boost LPFM Participation in EAS. Coincidently we are also mentioned in a recent CRTC hearing.



Headless Video Loopback Emulators

*** SOLVED *** The hardware architecture of the orange alert player boxes, Intel NUC Computers and Mac Mini machines insist they must have an actual powered monitor attached for normal operation. Not having a monitor attached will not allow the machine to reboot. Where I came across a secondary market for these was in crypto mining rigs requiring a dummy video. I’ve done a number of things, including direct sourcing a manufacturer over the last 18 months and done a limited production run of a HDMI/VGA dongle that emulates an attached monitor. I’ve done some testing and they work great, super simple, nothing to configure just plug it in. We are getting the next batch on order, and anticipate they will retail for less than $20.00. Update with SKU when they are available.

Sound Exchange\ SOCAN Reporting Module

Sound Exchange Reporting

Sound Exchange\SOCAN reporting open source tool saves time by creating properly formatted SX in Excel\CSV. Included screen shot of the tool and a sample xls file. What I am seeking is any feedback from stations or royalty agencies that file these reports, if there is anything that you are currently struggling with or that SX\SOCAN is asking you to better format or provide differently. Any advice on how to how to make better royalty reports?


TWIRT – This Week in Radio Tech

We were on Kirks show discussing our history and work with open source and LPFM radio.

This week in radio technology Episode 388


Tŝilhqot’in Community Radio project

Great News from Tsilhqot’in National Government providing new language revitalization and community communication services in rural towns Tsideldel and Tl’etinqox along Hwy 20. Thanks go out to Decade Transmitters and regional ISED offices.


Open Source North 60


* Featured local private sector and non profit organizations who run on Ubuntu; Beese Entertainment Publishing (What’s Up Yukon), Computerisms, RP Singh and the CJUC family of stations.
* How easy and useful open source is in the workplace, more secure, stable and free.
* Review of international emergency alerting and open source emergency broadcasting with distinguished visitors from far away places.


CJUC 92.5 “The Juice”, Yukon Convention Bureau, Computerisms, Computers for Schools Yukon, Caribou Crossing Coffee, RP Singh, Air North, Cold Climate Innovation at Yukon College, Days Inn, Decade Transmitters, Ricky’s All Day Grill, Unitech, Whats Up Yukon.

Special thanks; Lesli Barnes, Adam Brody, Jane Bell, Eliot and Marcia Christian, Heike Graf, Jessica Hall, Alida Munro, Coralie Ullyett and Robert Vallee


Canadian Alert Testing for Wireless and Broadcast

Last week during the new national Wireless Public Alert testing here is the polygons displayed on the mapping module.


Jessica Hall and I did an audio piece featuring northern women for the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC). These pieces are being distributed throughout the community media sector.



Updating documentation to get you started if you have any need for support


Resetting Player Passwords

How do I change OBPlayer dashboard passwords?

1) Reimage box with ISO to bring unit back to factory default state. All settings will be lost.

Alternatively, you can try:

2) Access terminal for local machine or SSH and go to /home/obsuser and cd .openbroadcaster (hidden directory under user)

a) Locate settings.db sqlite file containing dashboard settings, including passwords that may be viewed or edited.

b) Deleting this file and restarting player will force a new settings.db file to be created with default settings including user=admin pass=admin

Adam Brody at CBC North Whitehorse Studios during Open Source North 60.

Conference Schedule

2018 Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Implementation Workshop Oct 31 – Nov 1, 2018 held at Hong Kong Observatory in Hong Kong, China. If you have CAP implementation experiences or insights to share, see the Call for Participation
Please let the Program Committee know e-mail to eliot.j.christian@gmail.com if you want to make one of the 20 minute presentations