🕘 Stop Wasting Time. You Have Even Better Things To Do With It 🕔

🕘 Stop Wasting Time. You Have Even Better Things To Do With It 🕔

Grass Roots Radio Conference

Portland, Oregon – Oct 5 -7

Bill Polonsky, our training manager from the frozen city of Whitehorse Yukon and Adam Brody, marketing and business development will be delivering a joint presentation and hands on demonstration.

Raspberry Pi Pyrate Radio — Open Source EAS

Friday October 5 at 9:30 AM.

Join us in Room 180 at the Native American Student and Community Center | Portland University


WLXU 93.9FM and WLXL ‘El Pulso Latino’ 95.7FM

Lexington, Kentucky


These two LPFM stations sponsored the development of a suite of modules including SX Reporting, Server Status and Statistics to support a feature that satisfies the metadata demands of Sound Exchange obligations and requirements. Hours of sifting through written and digital logs to comply with Sound Exchange reporting can be reduced to seconds using this module. Just set the parameters you want reported, hit “generate report” and out comes a properly formatted XLXS file suitable for quarterly submission. Status module for server shows the uptime and health of disks including status of backup routines.

The Sound Exchange reporting tool, status and statistics modules are available to the open source community and all users of the OpenBroadcaster platform.

Modules Modules Modules




Server Status

Server Status


CJUC Radio Whitehorse Yukon

Eestipop Special on Estonian TV


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Featured Station CKUN

While in Toronto to see Electric Light Orchestra in concert last August, my friend Pete and I drove up to visit the Chimnissing language radio station, managed by the Beausoleil First Nation located on Christian Island, Ontario.
Meegwetch! to Vanessa, Dave and everyone else for your hospitality.


OSN60 2018

Open Source North 60

A couple of like minded fans of open source and broadcasting put on an event in northern Canada’s Yukon Territory

Upcoming Conference Schedule

CAP Emergency Alerting Conference

Hong Kong Oct 30 – Nov 2


We are making a presentation about our work in the field of “Indigenous Language Alerting with CAP”

AMARC Asia-Pacific (World Association of Community Radio)

Yogyakarta, Indonesia November 16-19


NCRC38 (National Community and Campus Radio Association of Canada)

Hosted by CJRU1280 Ryerson University

Toronto, Ontario June 2019


Thanks to the Yukon’s Cultural Industries Training Trust Fund for their support.