📽️ Pop Up Drive-In Cinema

📽️ Pop Up Drive-In Cinema

Decade + OpenBroadcaster = Pop Up Drive-In Cinema 📽️



On the evenings of September 11 + 12, we participated in a really interesting public installation, at the Whitehorse Library. A series of films were shared with an audience in their cars, tuning into a temporary LPFM radio signal for the audio. During the intermissions of the feature films, our OBPlayer was hooked up to the projector with a Display Port cable while the audio was sent from the onboard sound card to the Decade LPFM Transmitter (https://openbroadcaster.com/decade-fm-850-stereo-transmitter) . Copyright Free material such as 1960’s movie trailers and retro themed content was added to a playlist, creating a true drive-in theatre experience. We assisted in obtaining a special event radio licence from Canadian Government for 48 hours. The radio transmitter is type certified for operation as a LPFM and “Made in Canada”. Coverage for the radio transmitter worked for the whole parking lot and a few streets running along the riverbank.

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 CAP Emergency Alerting Virtual Conference 2020


Common Alerting Protocol – Workshop

The 2020 Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Implementation Workshop take place Monday, September 28 – Wednesday, September 30 – 12:30-17:30 CEST, inclusive. It will be conducted as a video call-in session over Zoom. Join Rob Hopkins and Vincent Maggard of OpenBroadcaster, who will be sharing about CAP open source emergency alerting for broadcast radio and TV.

Call-in instructions for Zoom will be sent to all registered participants. The Workshop is a technical meeting intended for information sharing among experts. There is no charge to participate. Everyone interested in emergency alerting is welcome: managers, technical staff, media, etc., including those in government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and commercial organizations.

Currently there are 837 registered participants; from 130 countries, 33 international organizations, and 31 commercial companies.

To attend and get an invite, contact the Program Committee by e-mail to Eliot.J.Christian@gmail.com (mailto:Eliot.J.Christian@gmail.com)


Global Status of CAP Implementations

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I send a HD video stream to a Master Control?

We do this several ways:
* Send out an HD Theora stream to a local Icecast server or a RTMP Video stream to YouTube or Twitch Channel, that are be relayed to Master Control. We do this now, including all the audio encoding and authentication.
* Your MC might be picky on what video formats to accept, such as MPEG-TS, MPEG4 that isn’t supported in Icecast. What format does your MC prefer?
* Output the play out (new model spec have dual Display Port) to a hardware encoder, starting at $500.00 USD that will be more compatible with MC. MC might have a recommendation for hardware i.e. Black Magic Presenter.
* We use the GStreamer framework that supports many types of video formats. It would not be too much trouble to include one of these into play out, less than 10 hours billable time. See above question about formats of video accepted at MC.

How many individual media items will the online media library hold?

Current structure gives us 36X36 directories = 1296 total. Each directory supports 10K items without major performance issues with file manager tools. So that’s almost 13 million in all, limited only by the available inodes on the file system.

What languages are supported for emergency alerts?

OpenBroadcaster systems have been supporting weather related, fire and dangerous animal alerts in English, French and Indigenous languages for rural communities for several years. Given the vulnerability of many Indigenous communities to provide accessible information about communicable infections including COVID19, we thought it was extremely important for these communities to be able to receive specific alerts covering those situations as well in their native languages. We welcome any feedback you have in developing this further.


Featured Module – Payments

Payments module


How do you incentivize your talent to complete tasks like updating playlists, or uploading language translation recordings? Add ecommerce functionality, providing micro monetary incentives for users to complete media creation, scheduling and management tasks.
* Payment triggers may be set for task completion; updating media, creating PL, etc.
* Filter by user, amount and date
* Includes a general ledger to add transactions, notes and download history
* Integrates with Task Tracker module.


Audio Bug (sort of)

Our play out application supports live audio sample rates encoding (32, 48, and 44.1) including 96.1 up to 192 kbits/sec. For stations sending to Icecast servers, it cannot accept audio sample rates above 48,000 kbits/sec. When sending audio to Icecast with a mix of sample schemes encountering one of these unsupported sample rates, it will appear in the logs as playing silence for the duration of the track. A bug report has been filed and a patch to this is in development.

Ventoy Multi Boot USB

Do you use USB sticks to boot up computers? Do you have a different stick for each utility? I recently discovered this easy to use utility to copy multiple ISO/IMG files, which, when booting, gives me a menu to select which ISO to load, saving many hours of copying and reformatting USB sticks for each individual ISO.



“We are so happy to have OpenBroadcaster during this crisis, because it has let us stay on the air and communicate critical public health and safety info–especially to non-English speaking members of our community.”

“I just wanted to say that the process you designed for uploading the captions is excellent. It takes me all of 30 seconds to upload it, and it works perfectly every time.”

“I’m happy to say that for about two months now, CKLB has been using the emergency alert box and it is working fine. I configured our LAWO board (with the help of LAWO) to respond to RS232 trigger by muting all faders and sending the emergency alert fader up. I’ve ran a few tests of this and it works flawlessly. I want to thank you for your assistance when I started at CKLB with flashing the box with the provided .iso and for the recommendation of using GPIO triggers. ”

Help Wanted

Looking for a challenging career in the broadcast and IT industry? Both these Canadian companies are hiring.


Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Location: Whitehorse, Yukon