📻 Rob is Analog 📻 World Radio Day

📻 Rob is Analog 📻 World Radio Day

Happy World Radio Day 2022


Rob “Radio Rob” Hopkins is an analog guy in a digital world. A communications pirate fighting for the public’s right to something they might not even know they want. This charming and funny documentary tracks Rob’s quixotic quest to attain a CRTC licence for an over the air community tv licence while capturing Radio Rob’s eccentric passion for all things related to broadcasting and technology.

Rob is many things: he’s an ex-hobo and a self-taught broadcast engineer; a scavenger who built a working telephone system from other people’s junk; and an advocate of over-the-air-technologies who collects CRTC licenses like hockey cards. He’s so enthusiastic that he’s even developed his own software to make analog broadcasting easier.

Join Rob as he works with fellow broadcasting enthusiast Bill Polonsky as they attempt to expand CJUC 92.5 FM (the local community radio station) and revive over-the-air analog television with the establishment of the new local community channel CKWH (VHF Channel 9).

“I am very excited to announce the World Premier of “Rob is Analog” at the Available Light Film Festival. Jessica Hall – Director & Producer www.alicidefilms.com

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In theatre Feb. 15 at 7:15 pm | Also screens online

Readers can get an offbeat taste of northern living in Rob Is Analog. This eclectic character study follows Rob Hopkins as he endeavours to secure a CRTC licence for community radio and television (and, eventually and controversially, porn). The doc by Jessica Hall finds a great character in Hopkins, who embodies the spirit of community and the mischievousness of a true pirate. Rob Is Analog draws upon Hopkins DIY spirit to explore how older technologies and forms of communication endure as Hopkins deconstructs boxy televisions and fiddles with a “Watchman” (a portable TV equivalent to the Sony Walkman) to tap into the reach of the local signal.

Moreover, Hopkins’ effort and choice to take it upon himself to start the community radio and analogue TV, demonstrates how the shift to digital communication leaves some Canadians in the dark. At the heart of this old soul is a belief in the democratic potential for media. The doc effectively evokes Hopkins’ ramshackle spirit.


CHFR Hornby Island, British Colombia

Big thanks go out to CHFR Hornby Island Community Radio  for supporting our open source emergency alerting project as a $150.00 GitHub Sponsor This will go towards updating Pyrate IMG for Raspberry Pi 4 hardware.

NAAD System Maintenance Notice – February 09 – 10, 2022

Our systems working without any updates or restart needed. Didn’t miss a heartbeat 🙂

>>Please be advised that the scheduled updates were completed successfully. We strongly advise that you keep an eye on your equipment and reconnect manually if necessary.

Disaster Risk Reduction Media Hub

A toolkit for news media professionals reporting on disasters and resilience.

Free CAP Course online. Got spare time? Looking for a a challenge?

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From Decade Transmitters

In these pandemic times, and because of the all the sanitary measures in place, our FM transmitters are an effective tool, in particular for houses of worship. With our FM transmitters, it is possible to listen to the service on your car radio, in the house of worship parking lot. Also, people who don’t have a vaccination passport can attend the mass or other events that they wouldn’t normally be allowed to. This can also apply to people who wish not to attend because of contamination risks. And in cases of containment where many public places are temporarily closed, the FM transmitter is probably the only solution to let people attend religious services or other events that can take place. Finally, it is always a good idea to install an FM transmitter ahead of future catastrophes instead of ordering at the very last minute. Prevention is better than cure !


RADIO FUNDING 2022 Call for Proposals for Indigenous Community Radio Stations


Deadline for Submission: March 7, 2022

Eligible countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Nepal, North India, Botswana, Philippines, Indonesia, Congo, Cambodia, Namibia and South Africa.

We can assist with custom estimates and quotes for hardware, online broadcast automation media servers and training.

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