🛠 Build a better broadcast application with open source tools

🛠 Build a better broadcast application with open source tools

OBServer Restful API Code Update

We’ve been picking away at code refactoring and API stabilization over the last 6 months.
* selected the PSR-12 standard and have updated code to be compliant
* started defining and implementing our API v2 more in line with typical REST principles
* started transitioning dependencies to be composer-managed

PHP CodeSniffer tokenizes PHP, JavaScript and CSS files to detect and fix violations of a defined set of coding standards automatically.

We know these changes, while not exciting (?), will improve the maintainability of the code, make it easier to involve community members in development, and stabilize third-party integration (via the API or as modules). Thanks for your patience while feature development is on hold to make these improvements.

Follow this work in our Development Branch and public API Documentation

OBPlayer Video

The station screen bug is a logo that typically displays as an opaque overlay in the bottom right corner of video signal. We had this on the TODO list from 2014 and happy to report @vincentthedev got this in production.

There is active development work on a headless obplayer optimized for video playout from @alphabitnz originating in New Zealand.


2022 CAP Implementation Workshop

The Final Report  of the 2022 CAP Implementation Workshop and Training events is now available. The Report summarizes 31 presentations (including ours) given at the two events, held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 19-21 September, 2022.

Takeaway from CAP conference

“When was the last time FM Radio was overwhelmed with no circuits available?”

The website for these events and our workshop

Training: Emergency Communications 101

Emergency Communications 101

All the skills and training (Duration 3- 5 days) needed to run and maintain a community FM radio station during a disaster.

We can come to your location or present this virtually online and have some funding assistance available for NGO.


Halifax Hurricane – Community Radio Alerting

Hurricane Fiona was a large, powerful, and destructive Category 4 Atlantic hurricane which impacted portions of the Caribbean and Eastern Canada. It was the costliest and most intense tropical or post-tropical cyclone to hit Canada on record.

Checkout the Alert Player dashboard of a community radio station that uses our virtual emergency alerts as a service (EAaS) during this event.

Public Alert CAP Tests

We would like to remind you that Public Awareness tests of the system are planned on Wednesday, November 16, 2022.


POLLY AI Voices Update for legacy customers

We have created a new firmware update for ML210/ML350 (Orange) hardware, using our installer script, updating the OS with many enhancements for CAP alerting, including POLLY AI Voices.

*** There are no fees or charges for this update ***

This update and release is meant for experienced users comfortable with using our products, as it has many menus and functions exposed, etc. Always make a backup. Export your settings file.
* Auto complete SGC fields by community name
* Bilingual AWS Polly AI Voices
* Embedded dashboard media player to monitor output remotely within browser
* Improved bilingual self-generated test messages
* Real time log level > Alerts only
* Cancel Alerts
* Separate alert logs >Download
* Show alert count history by type: Advisory, Broadcast Intrusive and Self Generated Tests.

Further support instructions and complimentary firmware for legacy Ml210 and Current ML350


Updated POLLY AI Voice Instructions

Yellowknife International Film Festival

Nov 2-6, 2022

Another chance to see Rob is Analog  in the north and online in Canada.


This eclectic character study follows Rob Hopkins as he endeavours to secure a CRTC licence for community radio and television (and, eventually and controversially, porn). The doc by Jessica Hall finds a great character in Hopkins, who embodies the spirit of community and the mischievousness of a true pirate. Rob Is Analog draws upon Hopkins DIY spirit to explore how older technologies and forms of communication endure as Hopkins deconstructs boxy televisions and fiddles with a “Watchman” (a portable TV equivalent to the Sony Walkman) to tap into the reach of the local signal.

Moreover, Hopkins’ effort and choice to take it upon himself to start the community radio and analogue TV, demonstrates how the shift to digital communication leaves some Canadians in the dark. At the heart of this old soul is a belief in the democratic potential for media. The doc effectively evokes Hopkins’ ramshackle spirit.


DIY CJUC Radio Dynamic Word Press Theme

Check out the API work by Brett Elliot  of Whitehorse. This takes community radio station metadata from a backend OpenBroadcaster server and presents it on a public WP site.

* Dynamic Schedule with descriptions

* Now playing, upcoming and previous shows and last 100 played media

* Embedded streaming media player with album art


Service Providers and Resellers

Are you looking for a hosted virtual media server service?

Radio and Television Station in a Cloud?

Custom broadcast feature development?

Check out our service providers and resellers Partners

Sponsor a Project

Looking for work? Have a new feature request? Do you have any skills to share?

See our updated GIT Developer Documentation (https://github.com/openbroadcaster/observer/blob/main/docs/CONTRIBUTING.md) contributing guidelines for obplayer and observer

Sponsor  a project resource to create a bounty

Miscellaneous Notes

* Thanks to Nat@CKMS-FM a DIY alert player install for sponsoring some of our work in Emergency Alerting to keep updates current.
* RSS Certs message from Pelmorex – Not applicable. Ignore. Thanks Corey@CKWE for reporting in with this question.
* Developers and beta testers – We have pushed all the obplayer and observer code\issues\docs to the public GIT Repositories and archived corresponding private repos.
* Call out to Raspberry Pi Pyrate 4.0 Beta Testers. Seeking users with Pi 4 hardware to give our latest Pyrate 4 Beta ISO some loads.