📢 Emergency Communications 101 – Training

📢 Emergency Communications 101 – Training




Emergency Communications 101
CAP Alert Player for Radio and Television

April 27 2023 at 10:00 AM – Noon Pacific Time

Learn how to manage and configure open source systems to provide community emergency alerts and prepare for the National Public Alerting tests May 10

Skill:                Beginner or user of Alert Player.

Description:     Manage and operate a CAP Alert Player for broadcast.

Challenge:       Certificate upon passing grade of 80% of test.

Cost:                 Free

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For more details or questions please contact media@openbroadcaster.com

SGC     Alert Ready     Configuration    Pelmorex    Self Generated Test Alerts




Newest Observer version 5.3.1 includes support for most international languages, including Indigenous dialects. ISO 639-3 provides a unique three-letter code for 7,546 human languages, whether living, extinct, ancient, historical or artificial.



EAS Activity in US

FCC recently released an updated 2023 version of its EAS Operating Handbook. FCC rules in US require that a copy of this Handbook be located with EAS equipment locations.  Download the new EAS handbook for US


Call out to Barry @ BDR (Broadcasters’ Desktop Resource) as an excellent source of EAS news.


In US, EAS boxes beginning Dec 31 2023 must be capable of 32 Bit Audio.  Our systems already handle 32-bit floating point encoded audio in both big endian and little endian formats


Cabin Radio – How long does it take to get a CRTC radio licence?

After 3 three and half years, CRTC returned this application as “unread”  and prohibited Cabin from reapplying for at least 2 years.  CRTC could be a little more supportive for the communities’ choice of radio from small town Canadian broadcasters located in northern Canada.



CLI Tool

Yet another useful ob cli command. (replaces password_hash.php in tools dir)


OpenBroadcaster API Tools for CJUC Radio

Check out the Collection of  CJUC metadata publishing tools from Brett Elliot Whitehorse Yukon. They are available for the community on CodePen.



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