Virtual Legislative Broadcasting

How do municipal and state legislatures securely operate remotely involving public participation from guest speakers?

Use open source broadcast automation for recording and archiving legislative broadcasting assemblies. Easily switches message when In-Camera sensing audio silence and gaps then combining into a neat time stamped single audio archive.

Your Future Town Council Meeting

Town Meeting

Guest Speakers

Jennifer and Jeff

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Where you are now for legislative broadcasting?

Kludges, patches and band aids on band aids

Vendor lock in

Already spent considerable resources on proprietary enterprise systems (need to pay even more now) to add or implement a new feature.

Limited budgets, not enough HR

How can open source can help with broadcasting your legislative assembly challenges?

Making multiple proprietary dissimilar systems talk to each other without a unified communication approach.

Utilize technology and do more with less human resources. Immense human resources needed to run everything, all prone to simple human error.

Remote access within the building and outside community.

Multiple computers and laptops open each running a different process for the broadcast chain

Why do you have work overload broadcasting municipal meetings?

Too many different systems, all with different layouts and work flows to keep up with

Anxiety juggling technology, never knowing what exactly is working or broken

Cannot keep up with endless rabbit holes

Difficulty working with assistants and organizing HR with a million emails\chats to accomplish a simple group task.

Not having enough IT resources to keep everything up and running dependably, on time.

What are your risks continuing with the same broadcast system?

Burning through HR, scaring away talent and vaporizing volunteer opportunity interest.

Turning away viewers when the production quality values becomes low, broken mics, users not able to join, etc they just bail

Wasting a bunch of time trying to get users and viewers to use clunky technology without proper training or familiarity.

Burning through HR budget, needing 3 candidates to operate current setup; primary and spare/shadow (in case primary is ill/incapacitated) and the third when both primary/shadow are not available.

Someone being malicious with hate material that operator cannot mute or disengage

Someone having an “accident” on camera, thinking it is on mute and not having the ability to mute or “kick” user

Not knowing who is really on the call. Potential for spoofing or imposters.

Huge potential security holes when operating anything outside of dedicated network (IE accept incoming connections from public internet) or relying on services “in the cloud”

Unknown bandwidth resources and not being able to control or manipulate QOS (Quality of Service) creates a bad user experience with network congestion and jitter.

What you should be doing?

Broadcast streaming strategy


Control and understanding of your systems

Master Kill Switches

Open Source Software

Make the machines do the work of tedious day to day tasks

We provide affordable custom scalable Enterprise Broadcasting solutions.

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