Groups and individuals that have sponsored open source development that we have been happy to share back with the public. Thanks go out to these Sponsors.

Development Credits Sponsor
Advertising Schedule Manager New North Networks
Acoustic Fingerprinting and Album Art WRFL – University of Kentucky
CAP Alerting with Indigenous Languages Yukon University
HD Video CAP Alerting TeleMag
LED Scrolling Screen Alerting Yukon Emergency Measures Organization
LIVE Assist Touch Screen Nuxalk Radio
Media Monitoring Off Air Recordings Cision Media
Meta Data Program Manager National Community Radio Association
SaaS Enterprise Module Yukon Economic Development
Server clustering and DB replication SSI Canada
Sound Exchange Reporting Tool Lexington Community Radio WLXL and WLXU
SVG Inline Slide Editor Dawson City Cable TV
Task Tracker Payments Module Tsilhqotin Radio


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