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Maker space your own broadcast FM and online radio station for free

Create an amazing, budgetfriendly, open source broadcast solution for your Maker space project! With ourhowto guides, learn how to create community radio content and start an online radio station from home with open source software running on inexpensive broadcast hardware recycled from the landfill. Utilize a cloudbased media library and an onair LPFM Part15 micro RF transmitter to create a lowtech digital jukebox broadcast automation system. We provide service and training to assist your group in learning how to make a radio station and podcast network from their computer. Encourage elementary school classes to partake in exciting DIY broadcasting projects such as Pyrate FM radio and other low tech activities including community digital jukebox libraries. Keep up with the latest Python Web hackathon and Maker space developments by creating OpenBroadcaster enabled applications that work with the global industrial internet of things. Stream your online radio station to a LPFM transmitter and make use of our license free Open Source software found on our downloads page. We are here to support experimenters and educational DIY Maker space broadcast projects with Pyrate software.

Pyrate  3.0

Easy to install software firmware image to instantly turn your low cost Raspberry Pi  computer into a powerful broadcast appliance written in Python 3. It’s simple; just download and copy the self-installing software to an SD card. Pop the card into your Raspberry Pi (Ver 2 – 3), boot up, and you’re in the broadcasting business!

Pyrate 3.0 comes complete with the following features:

  • OBServer for total broadcast automation.  Includes online media library, community play lists, scheduler with permissions matrix to manage your volunteers
  • OBPlayer dashboard creates a streaming mount point of easily scheduled content  you create with “drag and drop ” smart play lists. Send a LIVE scheduled stream to YouTube with a mix of video and slides.
  • Configured Icecast streaming media server for both audio and video to set up an easy online radio station or streaming video channel.
  • CAP based emergency alerting for audio and visual unattended EAS messages with the Canadian Alert Ready network.
  • Support for most modern audio, image and video codec
  • RTP/Livewire support for AXIA digital consoles and AoIP

Pyrate 3.0 is the perfect solution for creating a reliable and professional broadcast experience on a budget. It‘s the smart choice for radio, podcasting, streaming video, and live events. Get your Pyrate 3.0 today and start broadcasting!

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Raspberry Pi Radio

Create a selfservice radio automation system for your own radio station, FM radio station or online radio stream with OpenBroadcaster. Our Linux based radio automation software can be used with Raspberry PI and other ARM based single board computers for an affordable, compact and low power radio automation system. Our software stack and automation scripts can be used to configure a fully automated radio station with EAS CAP and other emergency alerting capabilities. With OpenBroadcaster, you can also create a digital jukebox server for community digital signage and IPTV networks.

Ver 4 Raspberry Pi

Ver 4 Raspberry Pi

Ver 3 Raspberry Pi

Ver 3 Raspberry Pi


Knowledge base

  • Tutorial videos and webinars on how to make a radio station at home for free
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Disclaimer: Use this software and systems only when it is legal to do so in your country. Raspberry Pi super computers are very interesting for experimenters and hobbyists, but their use for critical production applications, especially for CAP emergency alerting, carries some risk. While they will usually work well, they cannot be guaranteed to work 99.99% of the time. For productionready appliances, please browse our store.

Support Open Source

We believe in the power of open source and encourage everyone to get involved and support the community by Sponsoring and contributing to open source projects. Help us continue to develop, refine and improve open source broadcasting software for the benefit of the entire broadcasting industry. If you have any questions or need help getting started, please dont hesitate to Contact us for  complimentary advice on new projects. We are here to help.

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