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OBPlayer Ver 5.1 Octocat

With CAP Emergency Alert Player

OBServer Ver 5.1  Octocat

Online Media library and scheduler

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Modules, Utilities and Extensions


PYRATE 3.0 Raspberry Pi Software

Supports Raspberry Pi Ver 2 and 3. Copy preconfigured software ISO file to SD card, pop in your Raspberry Pi and you are now in the broadcast business.

Includes online media library, community play lists, scheduler with permissions matrix to manage your volunteers for total broadcast automation.

CAP based emergency alerting for audio and visual unattended EAS messages with the Canadian Alert Ready network.

Raspberry Pi Hardware Size MD5 Checksum

Pyrate 3.0

Pi 2 - Pi 3

 1.3 GB (1,350,143,793 bytes) c6cbabf971556b3bbbeb6d44589dca57
Release Notes and Instructions      
Pyrate 4.0 Pi 4 Change Log  

Sample Settings Files for OBPlayer

Settings Files

From >Admin> Import settings file by reading this plain txt file.  Restart OBPlayer to make changes current. Download the settings file for the role of your player >Admin>Export Settings as a backup. 

Role of Player
MD5 Checksum
USB Audio Adaptor
3.3 kb
Mechanical Relay
RS232 GPIO Relay 3.3 kb e5459ae84ab127e947daa069d6d547db
BARIX Exstreamer 3.3 kb 641eae4a1c5d36442b19d99fe95438c7
Aoip (Audio over IP)
3.3 kb 7a6301f016684ad5b854626fe7624f81
3.3 kb
YouTube LIVE Channel and Icecast
3.3 kb

Manuals and User Guides

OBServer and OBPlayer User Manual

Support Resources

DIY Broadcast Projects

Support Site

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