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Do you need specialized tools for your broadcast operations? Our custom module development services range from $5K – $20K. Our modules use minimal resources and can often be developed in just a few hours. We have a wide range of Open Source licensed modules, sponsored development, and custom installs available for all users. For expert technical support and maintenance, browse our Market Place and get access to high-quality custom module development services for unique features that your station needs.
For those who prefer to have a custom solution, our experienced developers can help you create a tailored system for your radio station or streaming media service. With our indepth technical knowledge, we can build a custom broadcast solution with music scheduling, API connected CMS websites, and other features that meet your specific needs. We can help you develop an online streaming media server or a custom LPFM community radio station that is tailored to your unique specifications.
Join our Market Place to be listed as an expert in module development and custom tools for broadcast operations.


Resources to develop solutions based on the OpenBroadcaster multimedia publishing framework.

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Github Mentions

@gubatez P. Jordan – Gstreamer VBR fix for long term Alert Player stability

@sportio S. Porteiro- Electronic Program Guide and Spanish Translations

@mgodiya M. Godiya – Nagios Monitoring

@ralphotowo R. Otowo – OS detection in new installer

@A-c0rN -A. Mayer – Debian 10 dependencies shortcuts

@vincetthedev – OBPlayer CAP AWS Polly Voices

@alphabitnz – OBPlayer Headless CLI

We offer affordable custom scalable Enterprise Broadcasting solutions designed to meet your community radio and television needs. Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay uptodate with the latest news and developments in the world of broadcasting. Our team of experts is ready to help you with your project. Moreover, we invite you to contribute to open source broadcasting projects and become a Sponsor. To learn more about our services Contact us today how we can help you to get started now!

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