Digital Sovereignty – Do you know where your data is?

Digital Sovereignty – Do you know where your data is?

Future Home of CJUC Radio

CJUC community radio site overlooking downtown Whitehorse Yukon from Haeckel Hill

Open Source North 60

Our Second Annual OSN60 event was well attended with guests from all across Canada coming to Whitehorse. There was a diverse mix of languages including regional indigenous dialects and far away Estonian Language

What we heard

Many language archives and collections are scattered about, not under a unified system or policy. , with challenges about release rights, since some sensitive stories may belong to individual families and specific geographical regions. Over the course of the conference, it became increasingly apparent, no one really knows where they stand with regards to their indigenous intellectual property, covering all things cultural, including written and spoken languages. We acknowledge the challenge that exists for digital sovereignty and lack of guidelines for distribution policy. Does this sound familiar? Trust me, you’re not alone. We welcome you to Share your experience.

Special thanks for the familiarization tours of northern radio stations at CHON FM  and CKRW “The Rush”  (celebrating 50 years on air!) for our out of town guests.

Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk Northwest Territories to visit language centres

Northern Aboriginal Broadcasting – Aboriginal Peoples’ Program

Funding Application deadline November 19

Shaw Satellite Service Disruption

We received several inquiries about a story circulating about updates to Shaw Satellite Service affecting northern broadcasters. Shaw has changed their satellite receivers to MP4. If you are not using Shaw to receive signals AND have not received a letter advising to update, then your off-air radio station is not going to be affected.

DRM Files from USA

We recently came across an issue with DRM files from the US, causing our playout systems to lockup. The DRM schemed files were able to be uploaded to our media servers thus preventing these files from playing. We have updated the upload junk filter on the server, to reject and not allow DRM enabled files into the media library.

Tech Tip – Port Forwarding Guide

We have updated our public wiki with sample settings for your router for port forwarding. This allows your player/server box to be reached from outside your network in the real world

Know your audio cables

I came across this handy visual guide for all things about audio cables

Featured Module

Stream LIVE override to all stations

This new features, encodes the “line-in” or USB mixing board, and interrupts remote playout boxes automatically. There is a new button in the Live Assist interface, so pressing the “on” button can send to as many stations simultaneously on demand. Included is a visual counter on LA of how many stations are receiving the live stream. Users can go to any of the other stations and override all players in network. It is setup, so that a main studio station has priority over all others. This is all done with free open source software, replacing the need for expensive proprietary hardware encoders.

Grass Roots Conference – Rochester New York

Vincent Maggard did a really cool presentation about 21st Century Broadcasting with Raspberry Pi with everything from streaming, to indigenous alerting. The Raspberry Pi computer is a broadcasters power house.

Pyrate Radio Firmware Image

International Languages Translation Project

Call out for translation teams. Do you understand written English and another language? OpenBroadcaster is expanding to overseas markets and picking up a global share of the international broadcast automation business, through inquiries from our website in many different languages, specifically from Asian and South America cultures including many indigenous groups. Candidates should have an existing portfolio of similar projects, experience with open source CMS and strong Google Analytics skills.

The National Campus/Community Radio Conference

June 3rd, 4th & 5th 2020

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Cost: $200-250

CJUC is excited to be hosting in what is not only an astonishingly beautiful city, but one that is alive, innovative and entrepreneurial. The conference take place across two venues. The first the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre , a fantastic new building which is the gathering place which celebrates the heritage, cultural and contemporary ways of the Kwanlin Dün citizens. The second venue we will be going to is Yukonstruct a new innovation hub in Whitehorse, which is right across the road! The NCRA is also negotiating lower rates for the Raven’s Inn, the first new hotel built in Whitehorse in 40 years. This new build is incredibly modern but built with local materials, and truly representative of the Yukon. All three of these locations are within a block of each other, and also within a block or so of CJUC-FM  park-side radio studios.