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Custom Module Development

Customers are able to sponsor projects to get modules built with new specific features. An example is a new broadcast station that needs to talk to a specific Traffic/Accounting program or social media platform's website.

For budgeting analysis an example is Competitor's Product “A” costs $5,000.00 and has many bells and whistles, of which only 3 key things are needed for your project. OB licensing uses open source (free), but it will still cost $1000.00 to get it setup on hardware. Out of the box default settings will do 2 key features of Product “A”. Your project requires the missing capability. Using the efficient module environment a custom feature is created for the deficient feature you "must have" for $1,000.00.

Result: Customer has stable operating installation, with the 3 key features needed.  Save $3,000.00 upfront.