LED Mulitcolour Scrolling LED Sign

$1,295.00 CAD

Designed specifically  to get your message across as quickly as possible. The new, longer length provides more space to display your message in one line. Brighter, Tri-Colour LED's come standard on this model, to give your message maximum impact. 

Perfect for location in studio, managers office or in store front window. Hooks up with a single 50' data cable and AC power. Standalone alert player displays Normal text and status is Green, Moderate CAP advisories come across as Amber.  Broadcast Intrusive CAP Messages, immediately display on the sign in Red.  When this is used as part of a radio playout box, current Song Title, Artist, Show and Description scroll in Mulit Colour rainbow effect.  Emergency messages always take priority.

Standard Alpha Series Features Include:

  • Easy networking
  • Character size: 1.5" – 2.1"
  • One year Factory Warranty
  • Keyboard programmable from 30 ft.
  • Brilliant Multicolours & 3 rainbow effects
  • 14 Character fonts


Price Unit: