Radio Station in a box

$12,500.00 CAD

Complete RIAB (Radio Station in a Box) assembled in a hard shell mobile case.

100% solid state, no moving parts

1) Open Covers of mobile case

2) Hook up Antenna, AC Power and Internet

3) Begin broadcasting

Turn Key Package includes:

  • Decade Stereo FM Transmitter *
  • Omni directional 3db gain antenna
  • 15 meter LMR400 Transmission Line with connectors *
  • Rack mount OBPlayer 5 and OpenBox 5 Media Server *
  • 6 Port Gigabit Internet router with WiFi
  • Scarlett 3rd Gen USB Audio Mixer eight mic preamps, 18 inputs and 20 outputs in total *
  • Powered speakers with LED Signal meter
  • 2 headsets with boom mics
  • 4 Channel headphone amp
  • Power Supply Unit *
  • Gator 10U Hard Shell Rolling Travel Rack *
  • Internal 3RU Locking drawer to store headphone mics and accessories *
  • Portable FM Radio with HQ tuner
  • Maintenance and Support - 1 Server and 2 Playout Device *
  • 3-Year Extended Warranty *
  • All Cables and connectors

User is responsible for complying with with local broadcasting laws and obtaining required licenses if applicable.

FOB Whitehorse Yukon. Total Shipping weight 40 Kilograms

Specifications subject to change

Not included in kit

To be sourced locally and supplied by customer (greatly reduces shipping costs)

  • UPS (uninterrupted power supply) 300 W Battery backup
  • 3 meter lightweight 1 1/4 - 2" EMT Pipe
  • Mounting clamps or tripod.
  • 5 meters bare copper ground wire


RF and Magnetism

To operate more efficiently ensuring a longer operating life we apply these best practices to reduce sources of interference.

- Digital USB and AoIP from players to mixer

- Balanced audio in our of mixer

- Bonded to true ground

- UPS Isolated power from external sources of interference

- Short purpose built cables and high quality connectors


- Fanless SSD architecture means less heat being generated

- OBPlayers and media servers are in mounted in a specially designed rack that includes 1 RU additional spacing for increased passive airflow

*** Always ensure BOTH front and rear panels are removed from case before operating RIAB ***

Price Unit: