Emergency Alert System


We occupy a unique space in the marketplace as the only company in North America offering a full-suite radio automation and media asset management software package that comes fully equipped with its own emergency messaging system - adhering to the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). OpenBroadcaster is fully integrated with our radio and TV automation systems to provide CAP alerting, and we support alerting in other media platforms, including; community sirens,  PA systems and LED Scrolling Billboard Signs.

OpenBroadcaster offers options to clients.  If you like your current media and automation management system, keep it and easily integrate our Standalone Alert Hardware Player into your existing operations.  This very reliable appliance is favorably priced when compared with other products on the market, costing many hundreds of dollars less than our competitors’ devices.  Even better, our devices are easily upgraded, so you don't have to worry about purchasing a product that will soon be out-of-date.  

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International CAP Applications

Our open source code is built using CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) and fully compatible with OASIS x.1303, the international standards group that defines emergency alerting. 

OpenBroadcaster's emergency messaging solution is fully effective within the North American marketplace, and built to specification to meet existing regulatory requirements concerning emergency alerts.

Our team has experience to custom code solutions for your business.  Contact us for a complimentary estimate on new projects.