Radio Station Remote Broadcasts

Remote Broadcasting to Studio

How to manage radio studio feeds remotely and accept live stream from outside for instant airplay without having to be located in the studio?


Server in cloud with obplayer at studio and local transmitter

Server in cloud with obplayer at studio with audio sent to remote transmitter site

Server/Player located at transmitter

Start Remote Broadcasting Now!

LIVE broadcasting using open source software on a laptop that creates and send OPUS Voice to Studio using laptop and USB sound card as source.

Manage the remote Studio play out with touch screen interface, interrupt the Studio (HQ Audio MP3) with incoming OPUS stream from field including USB Mixer sources.

Schedule prerecorded announcements with smart play lists from online media library

Stream to all stations play button in Live Assist mode with indicator to show how many stations are receiving over ride . Send and override LIVE to all other stations in participating network from any play out box with master over ride from studio taking priority.

Create and archive separate streams to outside relay servers and the other to STL

Automatically receive Pelmorex EAS emergency alerts and weather advisories with POLLY TTS

Do all above inside the local studio or from any web browser