Out In The Open – Spring 2021

Out In The Open – Spring 2021

Radio Station in a Box

Complete RIAB (Radio Station in a Box) assembled in a hard shell mobile case.

100% solid state, no moving parts
1. Open covers of mobile case
2. Hook up antenna, AC power and internet
3. Begin broadcasting

POLLY AI Voices Update for ML210 legacy customers

We have created a new firmware update for ML210 (Orange) hardware, using our installer script, updating the OS with many enhancements for CAP alerting, including POLLY AI Voices. We wanted to get this out to you with enough time to get ready for upcoming national alerting tests. It’s OK (remaining CRTC Compliant) to keep using your existing set-up until we release a Production firmware update for your Ml210 later this year.

*** There are no fees or charges for this update ***

This update is beta and this release is meant for experienced users comfortable with using our products, as it has many menus and functions exposed, etc. Don’t use any experimental features and always make a backup.

Export your settings file.
* Auto complete SGC fields by community name
* Bilingual AWS Polly AI Voices
* Embedded dashboard media player to monitor output remotely within browser
* Improved bilingual self-generated test messages
* Real time log level > Alerts only
* Cancel Alerts
* Separate alert logs >Download
* Show alert count history by type: Advisory, Broadcast Intrusive and Self Generated Tests. >Alerts>Advance

Further support instructions and firmware for legacy Ml210


Updated POLLY AI Voice Instructions


World Radio Day

World Radio Day

Shout out to AIBD, ABU and Technorama for all the interesting webinars.

Canadian Government review of Indigenous Radio and TV

CRTC Early Engagement Sessions – Phase One of the Co-development of a New Indigenous Broadcasting Policy


How to start an Indigenous community radio stationRegulatory process for obtaining an indigenous broadcast licence in Canada


Canadian Public CAP Awareness Tests

Bi-annual Public Awareness tests of the national alerting system are planned on Wednesday, May 5, 2021. The test messages will be Broadcast Intrusive (BI) and Wireless Immediate (WI) and must be broadcast on all mediums, radio, TV and cellphone.


Emergency Alerting Hardware Support

MCM Silence Switcher 50-8396

mcm audio silence detection 50-8396

Inexpensive silence detection box interrupts audio programming when a CAP alert is sent by our player boxes. Resumes regular source after alert is finished.


Merci to Sylvain Boucher for reporting this simple solution.

BARIX Exstreamer 110

Metadata from player displays on a 2 Line by 16 Character LCD Display. Plug and play. First line displays the bitrate (matches OBPlayer) and second line is scrolling Artist-Title.


Modules installed for OpenBox player server combination

OpenBroadcaster Modules Compared

OpenBox 5 media server now has over 16 additional modules installed, viewed side by side with accessibility themes.


Dayparting PSA traffic tool

Dayparting, where you can specify when certain media can and cannot be played, is now included in our core system. OBServer creates dayparting rules based on tags and searches. One example rule is to only include material tagged as Xmas and/or Xmas genre to only play between December 23 at 15:00 to December 25 at 15:00. Dayparting rules are easily made for time sensitive adult materials, not allowing any material tagged “adult” to play between 5:00 AM and 22:00 PM. Dayparting rules may also be used to create smart segments where PSA plays, A, AA, AAA.


Pacific Northwest Indigenous Radio

Tsilhqot’in Radio

Strengthening Language through Technology: A Context for Capacity Building

Nuxalk Radio

Spoken from the heart language preservation podcast

Lexington Kentucky Radio

RadioLex has a new home. Now broadcasting from the Greyline Station & Market in an exciting adaptive community reuse project. The studio floor is made up of regular LP records embedded in 3/4” clear epoxy.




What gets me out of bed in the morning?

“Thanks for all your hard work developing this amazing technology and making it available to others!!”

“We are so happy to have OpenBroadcaster during this crisis, because it has let us stay on the air and communicate critical public health and safety info–especially to non-English speaking members of our community.”

Be safe everyone