Added Features

Broadcast Modules and Premium Features

Modules extend the basic operation with additional features, enhancing functionality of the core OpenBroadcaster system to address specific needs.

Installed modules for OBServer with themes


Live Assist

Live Assist OpenBroadcaster offers a ‘Live Assist’ function to allow on-air personnel to broadcast ‘live to air’. When combined with the OpenBroadcaster web-based interface, the Live Assist tool becomes a powerful application that turns a device into a mobile studio capable of broadcasting live and ‘in the field’. Users can continue to stream audio playlists in the background while simultaneously capturing and broadcasting live audio – perfect for a live DJ set. Users can even take live audio from a capture device, such as a mixing board, and stream it out to broadcast via their mobile device – an ideal solution for broadcasting live concerts or public events.


Sound Exchange Royalty Reporting

Sound Exchange Reporting What once took many hours every three months, can now be done with a click of a mouse. Properly formatted reports are automatically compiled into a .xlxs file with the correct headers for submission to Sound Exchange. Just set the parameters you want reported, hit “generate report” and out comes a properly formatted .xlxs file suitable for quarterly submission.




Statistics This enhancement enables stations to produce detailed on the fly reports showing media usage, statistics and metadata of collections.


Server Status

Server Status Server status module for server shows the uptime and health of disks including status of backup routines.



Geo Mapping The Geo mapping module provides an interactive map, showing areas affected by current Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) alerts (Canada and US only), current global weather patterns as well as location of OBPlayer installations managed by your OBServer.


Program Manager with Enhanced Metadata

Program Manager

Effectively manages a series of episodes in programming to play most recent ones with an intelligent scheduler.  Extended metadata with customized fields for Role, Theme and Licence selection.  Long term archiving solution for Archiving past PL/Shows into one audio file with metadata and track list.  Download function of archived programming. PEX Program Exchange for distribution and syndication of podcast to other National Community Radio Association (NCRA) stations and devices. Parental advisory included.


Podcast Assembler

Podcast Assembler Drag playlist to turn into a single file podcast episode with embedded track list for regulatory and copyright compliance.  Dynamic Playlist segments are automatically generated including voice overs to create a series of episodes.  Podcast includes advanced metadata, including copyright credits and parental advisory information.


Ad Manager

 Ad ManagerManage time-based advertising campaigns and auto archive media when complete. Schedule campaigns.  Media is moved to Archive for long term storage or final deletion. Saved search shortcut expedites management to a few clicks.  Supports all media, audio for radio, Image\Video for CATV and streaming video channels.


SVG Editor

SVG EditorCreate and edit SVG files within the OpenBroadcaster web interface.  Simple inline tools with text editor to make slides that can be added into the online media library and inserted into Play Lists and Schedules. Supports templates available from main interface, and importing of external SVG graphics.



Ob2ObTransfer media to another installation of OpenBroadcaster while retaining enhanced metadata.  Transfer entire media libraries or filtered advanced search results.  Intelligently transfers media server to server on broadband pipes, yet can be managed by a remote session on expensive satellite based internet.


What's Playing

What's PlayingEmbed this code to show current media-artist and show title. Substitute device ID for your station


Interactive Tutorial

Tutorial UploadProvide a quick interactive tutorial running through the basics of OpenBroadcaster. Tutorial uses TTS (Text To Speech) to guide student through steps.  Provides audio feedback for completed segments.


OpenBroadcaster Themes and Skins

CJHJ Griz Theme
Coast Theme
Theme Green
CJUC Theme
CFET Theme