Emergency Alert Player

Broadcasting emergency alert messages is an important service that broadcasters provide to the communities they serve.  By providing timely and accurate information concerning emergency events such as forest fires, floods, tornados, school (lock down) closings and Amber Alerts, broadcasters play an important role in helping to prevent injury, death and property damage.

In a number of key jurisdictions, providing emergency population warning systems alerting has become a mandatory regulatory requirement for licenced broadcasters.  However, for many small-to-medium sized broadcasters, maintaining compliance with the applicable regulators can be both costly and complicated.  To provide better and more cost-competitive options to broadcasters, Open Broadcaster Inc. occupies the emergency alerting space, offering an open source, web-based software solution to manage and distribute emergency messages over radio, television, digital signage and cable TV channels.  OpenBroadcaster’s system allows the broadcast of unattended emergency messages consisting of audio and visual alerts based on the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) – the world standard for transmitting emergency messages.  Open Broadcaster offers its emergency alerting solution as either a complete turnkey integrated broadcast system – packaged alongside our broadcast automation, media asset management and other core offerings, or as a stand alone inline box that works with whatever system a broadcaster is using.   Emergency broadcast system alerts include multilingual text in scroll or crawl on overlays and LED signage.

Key features of OpenBroadcaster’s emergency alerting solutions include:

  • Easy upgrades made simple through software updates - no need to spend thousands of additional dollars to buy new hardware every time alerting regulations or protocols change
  • Guaranteed compliance with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) mandated requirement for CRTC licenced broadcasters to accept and broadcast Pelmorex™ (NAAD) National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination System internet feeds adhering to the Common Alerting Protocol - Canadian Profile (CAP-CP)
  • The ability to easily adapt the system to meet emergency alert requirements of jurisdictions using CAP (ITU x.1303) including the United States, Sri Lanka. Myanmar, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia
  • Multi-lingual support, including indigenous languages
  • A mapping function that displays CAP emergency alerts at various geographic scales – useful for cable TV or digital signage
  • Available as a supported device or DIY Open Source software

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