Start Your Own LPFM Indigenous Radio Station

Start Your Own LPFM Indigenous Radio Station

Learn how to setup an indigenous radio station network in Canada and abroad.  It is super easy with minimal effort to get started once you learn the rules and regulations.  We have the technology and expertise to get your station on-air!

Radio Station Setup Package

Radio Station Setup Package

In Canada, broadcast licensing is done through the CRTC who regulates the content that is broadcast. Logistics need to be planned on applying for a Broadcasting Certificate with ISED (who is responsible for hardware licencing.  You’ll need to register separately at both these departments and familiarize dissimilar workflows with CRTC and ISED tools providing limited technical support. You will also have to figure out how to navigate Navigation Canada about clearances.

Please see the points below:

All Broadcasters (including Type A Exempt), need to first apply for a Broadcasting Certificate from ISED.  From there, ISED signals the CRTC that they received an application for a Broadcasting Certificate.

ISED then proceeds to issue the Broadcasting Certificate, and the broadcaster submits the Type A Exempt Registration Form (156) to the CRTC. Browse our Radio Station Equipment List

As noted in the CRTC form, broadcast undertakings require a Broadcast Certificate from Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED). Information regarding Broadcast Certificates are available at Government of Canada. General rules regarding broadcast certificate applications and procedures are contained in the BPR-1 document located here. Please note the requirement for submission by qualified personnel, as per subsection 1.1 of BPR-1. Service contours are normally part of the engineering brief of the submitted application. ISED provides this free self-serve Coverage Prediction tool (otherwise you’ll have to pay an engineer) to determine if your station is in a licence exempt situation and to generate the required maps that are acceptable to ISED technical standards.

Application requirements specific to FM Broadcast Certificates are contained in the BPR-3 document. for application requirements set out in BPR-3 for Low Power or Very Low Power applications may be of relevance to you and your representative.


Time Frame to obtain Government of Canada broadcast licensing
Indigenous Class Power Approval Estimated Filing Cost
Type A Indigenous  (Exempt) VLPFM and LPFM 30 – 90 days * $2,495.00

Type B Indigenous

VLPFM and LPFM 12 – 36 Months * $5,000.00 – $25,000.00
Type B Indigenous Over 50 Watts ERP 12 – 36 Months * $25,000.00 +
* Ever Changing Rules, Regulations and Eligibility








We can help you or your group’s representative(s) that have any questions regarding navigating the Broadcast Certificate side of the process within the multiple departments of the Canadian government.

We provide affordable custom scalable Enterprise Broadcasting solutions.

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