Radio Station Equipment List

What equipment do I need to start a FM radio station?

A basic LPFM radio station needs professional studio and broadcast equipment. All of the gear should be top notch, licensed and approved for the country in which it is operating in.

  • Studio mixing board
  • Microphones
  • Headphones
  • Broadcast Media Server for radio automation
  • Scheduler
  • STL studio transmitter link
  • LPFM transmitter
  • Power supply
  • Lightning protector
  • Transmission line
  • Antenna

Best place to install FM antenna, transmitter and studio?

  • Location, Location Location
  • Higher the better. Provides for best line of site to surrounding area.
  • Roof top tripod mount with a 3 meter pipe attached to building or fastened to side of building
  • Keep antennae as far away from humans limiting RF exposure.
  • Away from sources of interference, power mains, transformers, AC units

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