Delivery Options for Broadcasters

Choose our Products and Services and Get Started!

Open Broadcaster offers great options for you to implement our broadcasting, radio automation and media asset management solutions.  No matter what option you choose, you get access to incredible tools that allow you to effectively manage, share and broadcast audio, images and video digital assets across multiple media platforms.  And, as an added bonus, emergency alerting is supported across all our systems.  Everything is documented with user guides and training videos at our Support Page

1.  Hardware Broadcast Appliance

The easiest way to get started with Open Broadcaster is by ordering one of our supported Hardware Products.  These "Plug and Play" solid state devices provide you with incredibly reliable service, ensuring broadcast stability no matter how challenging the environment that you operate in.  We also back each device we sell with a full warranty.


2.  Hosted Streaming Service

Don't have the resources and budget to manage your own network and firewall?  If this is the case, you can order our "pay as you go" broadcast automation Streaming Solutions and let us host everything for you so that you can focus on quality broadcasting.


3.  Open Source DIY code

Into DIY maker space broadcast projects in the classroom and have technical skills? Install our open source software Source Code on your own device.