Radio Station Equipment List

What equipment do I need to start a FM radio station?

A basic LPFM radio station needs professional studio and broadcast equipment.  All of the gear should be top notch, licensed and approved for the country in which it is operating in.

RIAB radio station in a box

  • Studio mixing board
  • Microphones
  • Headphones
  • Broadcast Media Server for radio automation
  • Scheduler
  • STL studio transmitter link
  • LPFM transmitter
  • Power supply
  • Lightning protector
  • Transmission line
  • Antenna

Complete Radio Station Setup

Best place to install FM antenna, transmitter and studio?

  • Location, Location Location
  • Higher the better. Provides for best line of site to surrounding area.
  • Roof top tripod mount with a 3 meter pipe attached to building or fastened to side of building
  • Keep antennae as far away from humans limiting RF exposure.
  • Away from sources of interference, power mains, transformers, AC units

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