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AoIP Audio over IP

Livewire, RTP and Ravenna are formats based heavily on existing internet standards. OpenBroadcaster releases open source software to provide Livewire\RTP support with Axia AoIP digital consoles. This exciting added functionality presents the opportunity to easily field, deploy and integrate standalone OBPlayer into the AoIP broadcast chain with CAP EAS emergency alerts, building on our suite of web-enabled general software and audio over Ethernet automation appliances with online media libraries, community play lists, multi-station scheduling and multi-channel management streaming.

All of our player technologies support Livewire, RTP and Ravenna protocols; simply configure the RTP multicast IP address in the OBPlayer dashboard to the Axia Console engine, and our systems create the automation audio over Ethernet channel on the board, which can be plugged in with regular digital networking cabling. No analogue connections!  Livewire supports up to 32,767 channels requiring multi-channel management systems.  All our technologies are built to be forward compatible with future specifications including AES67, an amalgamation of different AoIP standards as a common denominator, allowing interoperability between dissimilar devices from various manufactures, supporting different parts of it.

Livewire RTP

Each OBPlayer audio over Ethernet channel sends out a multicast RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) stream that appears as a channel on Axia AoIP digital consoles. The outgoing digital stream from the console station is ingested into our systems, then sent to an Icecast server, where a BARIX unit at the transmitter site plays out on radio. This means the stream is 100% digital from OBPlayer to digital console, up through STL (Studio Transmitter Link) to the BARIX exstreamer at the transmitter site, RTP audio in and out of the Livewire xNode devices with Livewire QOR16\xNode devices connected to our RTSP server, now integrated into OBPlayer.

  •  Solid state fan less infrastructure reduces station clutter, AC power loads and hardware failures
  •  Web friendly 100% digital audio on a quality Axia platform provides a cleaner signal path
  •  Additional studios and equipment are easily integrated with Livewire, RTP and Ravenna protocols


Ravenna protocol allows digital audio over IP sent through standard networking into digital engines and peripheral equipment of dissimilar manufacturers to recognize and communicate with each other. This was previously not possible, as many different proprietary protocols were not compatible.  This has changed recently with Ravenna, AES67 and OpenBroadcaster software, and is now possible, using supported AoIP digital consoles talking to each other using open source software without analogue connections. Ravenna is a combination of existing open source protocols. AES67 and Ravenna are amalgamations of different AoIP standards intended as a common denominator to allow interoperability between dissimilar devices from various manufactures.

AES67 is backward-compatible with the Ravenna audio over Ethernet protocol, so future digital consoles,devices and equipment will continue to inter operate in the digital world. We will not have the SIP implementation that AES67 requires, until we find a Gstreamer library that implements SIP.

In OBPlayer’s streaming tab, there are settings to configure an RTSP server in the player, which the xNode and digital engines connect, in order to receive our audio over Ethernet output. It works similarly to the Icecast streamer, receiving audio from Pulse/JACK and not directly from the player’s output, allowing the audio to be mixed and changed before the final output is sent, including a means of advertising the RTSP server as a Ravenna session on the network, with the Streaming tab providing a setting for RTP output. This can be configured with the multicast address  239.192.0.x, where x is the Livewire port number.  OpenBroadcaster RTSP server appears to the Axia xNode as a Ravenna RTP.

EAS Emergency CAP Alerts

Inject EAS emergency CAP messages with ease, using built in GPIO relays into AoIP digital consoles to switch channels, and activate warning lights.

RTP stream on demand with audio over Ethernet CAP Emergency alert messages to Icecast media server provides streaming on demand, multi-channel management of status, and transponding of player out through Axia Audio over IP AoIP digital consoles.  It is estimated that there are over 7,000 AoIP digital consoles and 70,000 networked audio devices waiting to be connected together.

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