Radio Station Broadcast Automation

Our community media asset management provides an easytouse, open source webbased online radio automation software solution with smart scheduling capabilities. This software can be used to conveniently manage broadcast or streaming stations from virtually any location, allowing for the creation of dynamic content for terrestrialover the air or internet radio. Setting up a radio network, broadcasting repeating content such as station identification, public service announcements, or advertising, is a simplepoint and click process. Our software‘s secure permission system allows for administrators to grant access to DJs and radio enthusiasts from around the world, allowing them to log on and program their own shows from anywhere. OpenBroadcaster‘s online radio automation software also comes with a builtin logger application that can be used to maintain detailed program logs in compliance with regulators, while demonstrating to clients that their ads are being aired. This software provides a cost effective and sustainable solution for broadcast automation of streaming community radio media, accessible from any browser around the world.

OpenBroadcaster Supports Album Art

OpenBroadcaster Supports Album Art

Key Radio Automation Broadcasting Assets

  • Robust broadcast radio automation software and community scheduling
  • Enterprise cloud media asset management designed for radio broadcast
  • Easily find and tag songs as community media items with built-in search engine
  • Develop virtual digital broadcast head end enterprise content using cloud decentralized scheduling
  • Cloud broadcast with streaming online radio automation widgets
  • Play, record and save audio and video for future broadcasts
  • Easy radio scheduling software automates streaming channels
  • Music scheduler utilizing play out system with integrated encoder
  • Run real time rotations, generate playlists and play logs
  • Clean interface, drag and drop menu operation
  • Uncomplicated, easy to set up cloud music database and media library
  • Supports indigenous language fonts and text
  • Emergency broadcasting for disaster management

Radio Scheduling

Broadcast radio automation and scheduling systems are designed to make it easy to start an internet radio station. Our radio scheduling software allows users to easily create split feed programing, manage a network of schedules with local market ID/PSA substitution, and do voice tracking, bumpers, sweepers, stingers, drop beds and station IDs. Our cloud based internet radio scheduling software enables users to assign theme based music segments from their home computer with a simple browser as part of an automated time based community media broadcast scheduling system. This system also allows accurate spot advertisement rotations and utilizes an HTML5 advertising player to help monetize internet online radio stations. Additionally, our satellite scheduling capabilities allow radio stations to play spots in different time slots and schedule media that is available through the playout broadcast hardware.

On-line Radio Streaming

Instant online radio stations don‘t need a license to broadcast, thanks to the streaming media services we provide. Our hosted solution comes with SHOUTcast automation tools and a HTML5 player that runs in the cloud. Your radio shows can be quickly converted to podcasts and distributed via our media servers.

Decentralized file Media Asset Management

Our radio automation software enables radio stations to quickly and easily schedule, broadcast, and stream audio and video content to multiple radio channels and devices using a powerful cloud infrastructure. With our system, radio stations can easily manage 100,000+ media files, organize multiple audio/video genres, categories, audiobooks, podcasts, and home movies. Automated playlists and customizable tagging and metadata make organizing and streaming content simple and intuitive. Our system also provides a secure scheduling streaming system that forwards content to a reliable content delivery network, ensuring your media is always safe and accessible.
Develop large community media libraries with ease, using our online radio automation software to digitally back up media stored in a secure scheduling streaming system forwarding to a content delivery network. Your media stays with you, on your own private cloud. Intuitively tag artist, title, album art and other customized metadata. Create flexible, automated playlists and integrate with the automation system to keep your radio station running seamlessly.

Broadcast Hardware and Streaming Services

At our online store, we specialize in providing radio broadcasters with complete radio solutions, including topofthelineMade in Canada low power FM radio transmitters. Our equipment packages have everything you need to get your online radio station up and running, from onair production machines that can be run in your studio or from the cloud, to digital radio consoles, such as RTP, Ravenna and AoIP (Audio of Internet Protocol). Plus, for those countries that permit LPFM exemptions, you can even create aPop up FM radio station with no broadcast license needed using one of our low power FM radio transmitters. Our affordable solutions are perfect for community, campus, faith, ethnic, and indigenous LPFM radio markets.

Audio Formats Supported

  • FLAC
  • M4A
  • MP3
  • Ogg Vorbis
  • WAV

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