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Streaming Media Broadcast Automation

OpenBroadcaster also offers full online TV internet broadcasting solutions for organizations who wish to reach a broader audience. Our solutions include a powerful media asset management system, creative tools for streaming media automation and support for conventionalover the air radio and television. With our intuitive user interface, you can easily upload, store, and manage audio and video content and broadcast it to your audience with ease. We offer secure streaming media services to ensure your content is delivered safely and reliably. So whether you want to reach a few people or a large audience, OpenBroadcaster has the solution for you!

OpenBroadcaster is a free and open source video streaming automation software that can help you broadcast your community media to the world. Our userfriendly web admin control panel is easy to configure and run, offering a reliable way to stream your content to any global audience. Our software is highly secure, with an SSLsecured streaming media server , and provides tools to enhance your online radio or television station to meet any budget, scale, or requirement. Get started today and reach your audience with our simple webbased video playout server and free tools for an improved user experience.

Internet TV Station Broadcasting Software

Create a schedule for your own internet streaming video channel or radio station with professional streaming automation software. Utilize OpenBroadcaster streaming media server to upload digital media and assign to community playlists. Manage automated scheduling of media content and playlists with a single accessible interface, while injecting media, including audio and visual advertising. Stream customized community video to your audience with a video broadcast platform managed through a common unified web browser, branding your sites. Use the video channel platform for IPTV channel manager scheduling, with the video streaming service providing overlay of onair graphics and recording games and scenes on Twitch, YouTube and Livestream. Utilize dynamic slide images with a live audio stream to create a play list of images (with accompanying audio track) combined with video (supporting HQ 720p 1080p, dependent on your bandwidth connection). Print log reports and manage Facebook and YouTube channels with professional streaming automation software.

Streaming Automation Software for Video

We can provide you with an easytomanage video streaming service that is automatically published to YouTube, Roku, and other platforms. Our service ensures that your content is streamed quickly and efficiently, providing a great experience for your viewers.

Streaming Automation Software for Radio

Create a unique radio station identity and customize the look of your radio website and radio mobile app. Leverage HTML5 radio players with custom skins to give your radio station a professional look. We provide white label radio apps and HTML5 radio players with support for major audio formats.
Stream your radio station to a variety of devices including PCs, mobile phones, smart TV’s and more. Use our streaming media automation tools and Icecast SHOUTcast server hosting to ensure your radio station is always online. Reach your audience with a quality streaming experience any time of day.
Broadcast your radio station to the world with Enterprise Broadcasting Cloud’s fully managed streaming media server from the cloud. Easily access it from any device with internet access. Our open source streaming software offers the best user experience and enables community media scheduling for digital content. To manage your on-air FM radio transmitters, you can use our cost-effective Studio Transmitter Link with Barix equipment. Stream your media with automation and metadata ease, and get useful insights from Google Analytics.

Stream Media and Music Licensing

“How much does it cost to start a LPFM low power fm radio station?” “How to start an Internet Radio Station with OpenBroadcaster”? “What are royalties?” and “What is the royalty rate for streaming music on a community media radio station?” The cost of starting a Low Power FM (LPFM) radio station depends on the region and the size or reach of the station. Additionally, the cost of obtaining music licensing varies depending on the type of station and the type of music it plays. Generally, the cost of an annual music license is determined by the total number of people that the station can reach. Royalty rates for streaming music can vary based on the type of music you are streaming and the type of station. For example, a commercial radio station playing popular music may have a higher royalty rate than a community radio station playing independent music. Furthermore, the royalty rate may change depending on the country in which you are streaming. Different countries may have different copyright laws, which could affect the royalty rate. In order to obtain a music license for streaming, you will need to register with a performance rights organization such as Sound Exchange and SOCAN. Both organizations will collect royalties on behalf of copyright owners and distribute them to the copyright owners. Once you have registered, you will need to provide detailed reports of the music you are playing, including total accumulated scheduling listening hours. You will be responsible for paying the royalties according to the rates determined by Sound Exchange or SOCAN.

Streaming Formats Supported

  • HTTP Dynamic Streaming
  • HTTP Live Streaming
  • RTMP
  • HLS
  • DASH

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