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Streaming Media Broadcast Automation


Stream like a professional, leveraging OpenBroadcaster play out technology with media asset management, engaging tools for streaming media automation & full online TV internet broadcasting, while supporting conventional "over the air" radio and television. OpenBroadcaster supports several methods including a streaming media server running pre configured, open source, broadcast automation software.

Our video streaming automation open source software is free to use for experimentation and self-hosting. We provide managed audio and video automation scheduling hardware appliance to broadcast your community media content.  Whether you are an established broadcast station looking to increase your web presence, or an amateur radio enthusiast wanting to host your own radio station online, OpenBroadcaster can help you stream your community media to the world. We provide high quality, VOD (Video On Demand) products, supporting most current streaming media server protocols and formats. Easy to configure and run video automation through a “point and click” web admin control panel linked to a dedicated streaming media server will reliably deliver your content to a global audience. SSL secure streaming radio and television station with media storage will fit any budget, scale or requirement. Enhance your online streaming audience with our easy to use web based video playout server including free tools for a better user experience.


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Internet TV Station Broadcasting Software

Create scheduling with your own internet streaming video channel or radio station. Professional streaming automation software manages Facebook and YouTube channels. Internet TV station broadcasting software streams and schedules play lists of dynamic programmed media playout to the second. Upload digital media and assign to community play lists which can be changed using the OpenBroadcaster streaming media server, updating your channel automatically. Program your YouTube live streaming channels to show specific video scheduling with a mix of audio and images. Mix dynamic slide images with a live audio stream and create a play list of images (with accompanying audio track) combined with video (supporting HQ 720p - 1080p, dependent on your bandwidth connection). Manage automated scheduling of community media and playlists. Inject media, including audio and visual advertising, while printing log reports with a single accessible interface. Our streaming media automation, video broadcast platform is managed through a common unified web browser, branding your sites to stream customized community video to your audience. Use the video channel platform for IPTV channel manager scheduling, with the video streaming service providing overlay of on-air graphics, while utilizing streaming technology for recording games and scenes on Twitch, YouTube and Livestream.

Streaming Automation Software for Video

We can help you setup and run an easy to manage, video streaming service, automatically published to YouTube, Roku and more!


Streaming Automation Software for Radio

Start your own internet radio station, sending out a digital audio stream of your radio shows to an Icecast SHOUTcast server using streaming media automation tools. Use our open source broadcast automation tools to upload community media, add to dynamic play lists, and drag & drop scheduling. Develop a dynamic radio website, radio mobile app and HTML5 radio player to better reach your audience.

Central cast your radio station on the web to a fully managed streaming media server from the cloud, accessible anywhere with internet access. Record live streams and digital radio for reuse later as podcasts with support for a TuneIn widget and Now Playing plugin.  We provide discount Icecast SHOUTcast streaming media server hosting for enterprise broadcasting cloud for Facebook, using open source streaming software for the best user experience with community media scheduling of digital content. Studio Transmitter Link using Barix equipment is a cost effective way to manage on-air fm radio transmitters. YouTube streaming media automation and metadata are easy to manage and provide useful Google analytics.

Streaming Media Servers

Streaming media automation software provides the best free internet TV video platform, scheduling community media playout to an Icecast server publishing on YouTube and Facebook channels including:

  • Turnkey online TV broadcast automation software manages web streaming
  • Secure storage space for your content and digital jukebox community media library.
  • Cloud streaming platform scheduling broadcast channels
  • YouTube, Icecast, SHOUTcast Live streaming
  • Streaming VOD (Video on Demand)
  • Easy to administer media asset management web control panel
  • Community support website and wiki documentation
  • Available as 100% Free open source software
  • Flexible billing options (no contract required)


Stream Media and Music Licensing

"How much does it cost to start a LPFM low power fm radio station?" "How to start an Internet Radio Station with OpenBroadcaster"? "What are royalties?" and "What is the royalty rate for streaming music on a community media radio station?" Streaming licensing services abound. What is required, is the ability to maintain and generate media usage reports including total accumulated scheduling listening hours. OpenBroadcaster streaming automation software systems work with Sound Exchange and SOCAN, providing customized and properly formatted reports built to industry specifications.

Streaming Formats Supported

  • HTTP Dynamic Streaming
  • HTTP Live Streaming
  • RTMP

Open Source Online TV Broadcasting Software

OpenBroadcaster is available as free internet TV station broadcasting software, streaming broadcast hardware appliance for DIY, and self-hosted with IPTV solutions for YouTube and FaceBook.

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We support open source broadcast software and giving back to the community with free television streaming, media asset management scheduling software, tying in with other media libraries and media buyers.